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Justin Bieber - 5th studio album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2017.

  1. So he is successful and will be for a quite a while that's true. But I don't really see your point connecting with my point. You can always have popstars singing on trend music and smashing and getting all the best production songs because they are radio gold - Rihanna, Justin for example. And yes being a white male works in Bieber's favourite obviously (and sadly).

    But my post was about what to do to take it to a different level - a level that's important if you want to end up a legend and not only flavor of the year or maybe even decade.
  2. Considerate queen. Scooter continues to fail his clients, etc.
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  3. I don't know, I'm not sure I agree that males need to work half as hard as women, or women of colour, to be acclaimed as legends. Off the top of my head every male "icon" I can think of, Michael and Prince aside, is pretty basic and dry as fuck.
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  4. I love mah Bora Bora sea serpent.
  5. I read somewhere that he is now the Canadian artist with the most all time Canadian #1s.
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  6. Well, I suppose at least we know what's going to be number one for the next 15 weeks...
  7. It's another DJ feature.
    It's Martin Garrix's single.

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  8. this

    (also Scooter AG4 is coming up so you better pay that more attention thanks)

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  10. Poor Avril.
    I hope it's more 'Cold Water'/'Let Me Love You' than it is '2U', as the latter was so basic that even the almighty Biebs couldn't save it. Regardless, I always welcome new Bieber, so I'm perched.
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  11. All signs point to it being BloodPop's debut single. The Martin Garrix song is apparently something else.
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  12. Oh for fuck's sake.
  13. Just said to him on Twitter to wait until next month for the release, so Despacito can get 17 weeks on #1. Pretty sure he will listen.
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  14. Oh my goddddd go AWAY
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  15. I said this in the BloodPop thread but that title is...actually, calling it self-parody doesn't drive it home enough. It transcends even that.
  16. What Robyn song does this remind me of?
  17. Another bop? Come through King!
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