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Justin Bieber - 6th Album Era (1st Single “HOLY” Out Friday)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. We have a new album era beginning Friday.
  2. “It’s begins”
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  3. This thread already has such a sinister energy.

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  4. I assume it’s called ‘Holy’ because it’ll be Crap?
  5. Bets on it being Hillsong meets Trap?
  6. God, two Justin Bieber albums? 2020 is one punishing hell of a year.

    The lead single is already a confirmed 0/10 based on title alone. Fuck Hillsong & "church culture"!
  7. Much like the rest of us.
  8. The real gag would be if the song talks about Hailey's genitals being holy.
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  9. The grammatical error makes it even more threatening, if that were possible.
  10. Agreed, but not possible with Mr. Wholesome himself, Chance the Rapper, featuring.
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  11. His Man Of The Train Tracks is coming.
  12. Getting Kanye Sunday Service but make it Hillsong.
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  13. I guess Mustin is angling for that megachurch tour next year since he couldn't fill stadiums and dates were downsized/canceled
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  14. The way the fifth era just... evaporated pretty much on sight. Loved that for us.
  15. Hell is our faves taking 483 years to release albums while Bieber drops two in one year.
  16. So he’s essentially covering:
  17. Maybe Justin is gonna throw a wee curveball.

    “I know you heard the rumours.
    The rumour are true. I’m in love with a man.
    I opened myself to him, and he filled me with his love.
    And that mans name......is JESUS!”

    *Cue tambourine with an 808 beat and a banjo.*
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  18. The only thing I need less than Kanye doing gospel in 2020 is Justin Bieber doing gospel in 2020, but damn if I'm not perched for the mess.
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  19. Keep it...
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