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Justin Bieber - 6th Album Era (1st Single “HOLY” Out Friday)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. I think you are expecting him to use his productions skills in the same way he does it for Billie and it’s not going to happen. Also the songs he works for others is never him alone, he co-produced and co-written them. I think he has a deal with Billie to not produce the same way for others, that is her brand in a way.
  2. That’s the thing ... I don’t want him to re-hash Billie productions. I keep mentioning this but Bikini Porn is the perfect example. I just want him to work on stuff he won’t be able to do with his sister and prove the he has a creative vision of his own. I know he co-produced some of the tracks, but it’s clearly the sound he’s going for.

    Anyway, it’s all coming from a place of ‘We know you can do better’. He just needs to work with interesting artists.
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  3. This is a really nice song. He sounds very good on it too. It is very ‘album track’-sounding though; not sure it’s something that needed to be pushed individually.
  4. I had to turn it off after about 20 seconds... it's shite!
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  5. This is the boring, straight boy version of Lucky that absolutely no one asked for.
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  6. Im so LooOoOoOooOoonely

    - my dog when I leave for work
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  7. Maybe Finneas productions with Billie are great because of both Finneas and Billie? Not saying they’re any less talented without the other, but there are just some people you work with and truly have chemistry with, where you produce magic, unlike with other collaborators.
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  8. The tune is very basic, kinda like a lullaby but very repetitive. The chorus when he extends lonely is painful to listen to. I cannot believe the song is less than 3 minutes but just drags.

    2 misses for me...
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  9. Involving Jacob Tremblay in this mess is where he really went too far with the whole faux-humble comeback narrative.
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  10. The yodelling is a choice.
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  12. I don't want to sound heartless because he must have felt lonely when he was going through fame as a kid but... singing about it now just sounds calculated. Like, he knows his diehard fans will go "aaaawww poor baby".
  13. I have sympathy for him being a child star but at the same time, all of this era so far seems very cold and not sincere.
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  14. You're all so kind hearted nn. I don't have the slightest amount of sympathy for ha. Poor ha.

    Also I'm reading the reactions and I refuse to listen to this.
  15. What an absolute dirge. The earache of a chorus, the cursing which just comes across as try hard, the cliché lyrics.

    It's a no from me.
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  16. The "loooOooooOooooOoooonely" was a choice. Not the right one.
  17. This has no redeeming qualities.
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  18. He sounds awful on the hook. The way he consistently has gotten worse and worse post-Purpose is something.
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  19. ... I feel like his fanbase has considerably shrunk recently. A release like this would have blown up Twitter, but now, it's pretty low key.
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  20. And that's on the genius of Tove Lo! Reminder to stream one of the best singles of the year

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