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Justin Bieber - 6th Album Era (1st Single “HOLY” Out Friday)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aboutyounow, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. To think he literally has the world’s best songwriters and producers at his disposal, and he comes up with this to represent his album. Where’s the ambition, the drive, the energy? If a big pop girl released something as completely uninspired as this, they’d be crucified, but of course this will get all the playlist and radio support because he’s a white male singing a ballad.
  2. This is like when he fake cried at the VMAs all over again except hopefully it doesn’t work this time.
  3. The whole "woe is me" act is wearing thin. There are public figures who had it worse than him and haven't moaned half as much. Have some humility and also like... read the room? No one wants to hear celebrities or multimillionaires whining in 2020.
  4. Especially after spending the first half of the year releasing song after song about how happy & in love they are. Now you're a poor, lonely victim. Which side do you want to play? dddd
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  5. And it doesn't really make as much sense now because he's relatively not been dragged too badly in recent years. I'm not discounting that the scars from his early years may still be relevant to him, but from a marketing perspective, I thought we've moved on from that narrative already and he's now a God-fearing Christian who sings about his wife's punani being yummy?
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  6. Hello, I’m here to make the thread worse: This sounds like Justin Bieber singing a Marina song.
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  7. He just keeps releasing more trash.
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  8. I honestly wonder how long I can enjoy life without hearing this? I’m always careful to not click any Spotify Top Hits list to miss his trash.
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  9. Benny Blanco made me think this song might have something about it but guess not.
  10. Would slot in quite well in the "Fear" section...
  11. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    He’s an amalgamation of everything wrong with celebrity culture in 2020. Refusal to take responsibility for his past mistakes or acknowledge his enormous privilege, co-opting of mental health discourse to make a profit, terrible focus-grouped music that acts more as advertisement for his highly publicised life more than anything else, and a constant craving for yet more success but with no desire to actually put in any work to earn it other than begging his teenage stans to spend their parents’ money on multiple copies of the same song. It’s a bingo.
  12. I'm not sure if i'm late, but did y'all see the tragic Tik Tok trend he's trying to start?
  13. I'm more embarrassed for the people who voluntarily participate in them.
  14. SNL performances from last night:

  15. No thanks!
  16. Whilst it’s nice to see this out of the U.K. Spotify top 40 on its second day, it’s a little bittersweet with the other (even worse) first single seemingly firmly lodged in the top 10.
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  17. I actually quite like "Lonely." I do like Justin's quieter, introspective tracks though, i.e. "I'll Show You."
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  18. The performances didn't transcend.
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  19. They were perfect reflections of the songs.
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