Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Someboy said:
Oh, no. Oh, no.

This means El Bieb is going to be dominating radio all summer long.

Baby was his only true radio hit. Everything else stalled in the teens on pop radio or did even worse.
ihateyourmother said:
Is it me or does no one seem to care about Bieber anymore?

It's just been downhill ever since his voice dropped for me.

Baby and Sombody to Love were OK. All of his singles since then have been crap, except maybe U Smile, but I never really liked that one.

Boyfriend will either solidify him as a proper popstar or sink him into Enrique Iglesias territory.
I'm actually anticipating this. Mistletoe was actually really decent for a Christmas song after it had a chance to grow on me (bar the shawty references). So bring it on, let's see if you can win me over properly Justin.