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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Hahaha, Fun blocked Justin from a #1 debut..despite the fact he opened with 521k. Britney make it look so easy!
  2. He is so fuckable.
  3. Those nobodies? It's Esperanza Spalding all over again. Poor Biebs.
  4. He is.
  5. Just imagine that. Him in a corner, baring his midriff, all sweaty, getting licked by boys and girls.

    Middle American would freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak (Oprah voice)!
  6. Ha! I assumed he hadn't got #1 as (and I'm not saying going Gold in a week isn't a huge achievement) the Biebz army weren't spitting it in everybody's face on Twitter.
  7. It's ridiculous that you can sell over half a million copies in a week and still not go to number one.
  8. It is, but sales for We Are Young have been consistently huge as well (over 300k for weeks). Add to that the radio play it's getting and the big streaming points and yeah, it's kind of unbeatable on the charts for the time being. Without the new rules allowing for streaming points, though, Bieber probably would have snagged the #1. The new rule is making a difference; #1 debuts will probably be rarer now (Katy Perry's Part of Me probably would not have debuted at #1 had the rule been in place then). Even Britney, who seems to effortlessly scoop up #1 debuts lately, will have considerable trouble doing it again.
  9. RJF


    His voice is far better on record now that it's broke.
  10. I do find his sing-whispering a tad creepy though. It puts me on edge.

    Ironically, when listening to the verses, I pull the same sort of expression that I do whenever Justin Timberlake says the little bit about being a 'little boy' in 'Like I Love You'.
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  12. What kind of edge? I think that's the whole point.
  13. A bad edge, KhiaShamone, you wee dirty.

    The kind you get when someone is unpleasantly breathing on the back of your neck.
  14. This is like a lost Justin Timberlake song.
  15. Half a million isn't really that much.
  16. Oh I love that. Biggest turn-on EVER.
  17. T&C


    Yes it is. That\'s like a top 5 digital debut I\'m sure.

    But ha to the beliebers. Not this time.
  18. Isn\'t he expected to be Number 1 next week? If he maintains high sales and radio continues to pick it up, I don\'t think he\'ll have a problem getting the top spot.
  19. I'm so annoyed about the video, it had the potential to be absolutely amazing. May have been the best male single + video for a long time.

    It's the same with Joe Jonas for me, had loads of potential. The single was great but the video just didn't cut it.

    The original concept looked amazing from what I can tell from the teasers, this video is just... terrible. I mean he actually looked sexy in the teaser, in the video he does not at all.


    That is amazing and what the video should have looked like all the way through.
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  20. What happened then? Was the original concept scrapped and replaced with this or were the teasers always intended to be a red herring? It's an almost admirable feat of trolling but fairly odd to hype an artist's new 'mature' image just to go "only joking, here's the same old rubbish."

    Between this and Starships I wonder if it's becoming the done thing to make 'em wait on the promise of an amazing video and then not deliver the goods.
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