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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Watching the video, I just cringed. Hopefully it's a grower.
  2. Double standard of sexuality in the music industry etc.
  3. BML


    This video is practically the same as the one for Nsync's Girlfriend. Why would they do that when the song had already been getting compared it?
  4. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    He looks 13 again but it PISSES me off so much that the intro is a) nothing like the video and b) repeated 20 seconds later! What on Earth is the point of playing 20 seconds of the song right after each other. Stupid.

    Also what brave soul trekked through pages to bring this back.
  5. All this video does for me is remind me of NSYNC's Girlfriend video from 2002 and Justin Timberlake in general.
    Seeing his single is called Boyfriend it probably isn't a simple coincidence. So nice try. It will be a hit anyways.
  6. This is actually really good, very Justin Timberlake-esque. His transition into a more mature market segment is going really well.
  7. Well that was boring.

    There's nothing mature, 2012, different or exciting about this video. And no dancing??????? What the hell.

    The song lends itself to so much, I can't believe we've been handed this tripe of a video; put some effort in!
  8. The worst part is how much he hyped the video up on Twitter. He is even worse than Gaga when it comes to over-hyping!
  9. It seems totally bizarre to shoot (and tease) the initial scenes for the video, just to have them appear as some terrible introduction.

    My guess is that Justine had a hissy fit part-way through filming, and demanded they re-shoot it in it's new craptacular form.

    I hadn't even seen the teasers before today, but I'm in total agreement that the original setting for the video was far superior, more mature, and he actually looked decent for once.
  10. All you can really do is laugh at the video. Ha x12.
  11. The original concept was incredible! I'm not even a fan of his and I was looking forward to this. My heart shattered when it turned out being a clip on a phone. I feel it deep down in my heart that the original video is out there somewhere, and I will not rest until I see it.
  12. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    You just know Justin Timberlake will wait until he has an album coming out to drop a reductive-esque bomb. And beliebers will go insane, screaming "OKAY GRANDPA, BUT YOU RIPPED OFF MICHAEL JACKSON!"
    And of course, Usher is taking Cher's role.
  13. What a disappointment, the ice/water scenes looked so awesome.
  14. Well that was shit, nothing happened. Even if you just added some dance moves and special effects the video would benefit greatly.
  15. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    TERRIBLE. Why did they just ditch the first bit? How misleading.
  16. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Please tell me there's a second version coming out! That's obviously some re-shot, last minute piece of shit that they are pushing. The question is.. why?

    45 second clip
    Teaser 2
    Teaser 3

    That underwater scene looks great. I hardly doubt they filmed underwater in slow motion for a teaser only to shoot the actual video in a parking lot. This is some fuckery!
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  17. I was the brave soul that found the thread! I just had to to, I couldn't handle how awful the video is compared to how the teasers presented it.

    I really hope the other version (if there is one) leaks. Or gets released soon. It looks so much better. I have a feeling they think his fan base aren't old enough for video's like that. Which is absolute rubbish. I thought this song/video was meant to secure his position as an actual artist, not be looked on like a disney act (not a bad thing). The song suggests mature, the video is just a bore.
  18. I actually really, really like this song now.
  20. Jeepers, that intro was more annoyingly drawn out with the repetitive first verse than the misplaced Marquis de Sade quotation in the new Cheryl video. Why?!??! These are just not the qualities that make me want to watch a video again. Granted, I've watched Bieber vids probably less than ten times, but still, I HAD HOPE and it was misplaced. I like the tune, but the video doesn't redeem some of the awful lyrics. PLEASE no more "swag." I can't take it. It's like the modern version of "wasssssup?"--there need to be therapy groups for annoying use of slang.

    Still, at least it's not full-on Timberlake yet. That would just turn me right off since "Sexyback" was waaaaay overplayed when I was a freshman in college in '06. It basically made me hate him (okay, that and his *NSync hair), and I don't feel that Bieber deserves that hatred yet. If he gets rid of the "wow girls love me I'm a tiny version of Usher" attitude and just acts like a normal teenager and not a 28 year-old man, I might respect him.
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