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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    That looks like it says "Boyfiend". Maybe it's a song about himself?
  2. Nope, it's a Mike Posner reject.
  3. "Swag swag swag, on you" "Swaggie"

    Oh my days, this will be hilarious. This will go full-circle and become amazing, possibly.

    SWAGGIE, really?
  4. He got that swag sauce. He drippin' swagu.
  5. "Swaggie"


    That's a wrap. OVER.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phahYXDUHIw

    You can hear 15 seconds of Boyfriend here, which he "premiered" on The Ellen Show.

    The chorus is pretty standard-Bieber but you can hear the verse in the last two seconds and his voice sounds craaaazily like Justin Timberlake's. Maybe this could be his FutureSex/LoveSounds after all!
  7. Ehh, sounds a little subpar. I think he is getting ahead of himself trying to seem sexual when the truth is no one over the age of 15 thinks he is anything but "cute"
  8. Sounds promising, but at the same time typical of him.
  9. It would be great if he morphed into the next JT. In terms of talent, he has the potential, he just need to songs and the edge. Working with Diplo is definitely a step in the right direction.
  10. The voice at the end sounds exactly like Justin Timberlake. I doubt this will be his FutureSex though, maybe his Celebrity.
  11. Pardon? He can hold a note. He can dance a bit. Can he write? Compose? Play instruments? Do anything of talent?

    Justin Bieber is not that talented!!

    Oh, by the way, he's asking people to send in their versions of the song. Anyone fancy a go? haha

  12. That's not talent, you can learn those things.
  13. Did Timberlake have those things at 18?

    But yes he has writing credits and yes he can play the guitar and maybe the piano... Pretty sure he's on the same level as, if not ahead of, Timberlake when he was 18.
  14. You can learn how to sing, doesn't mean you'd actually be any good at it, though.

    I think songwriting is a talent and while skills can be honed or perfected, I think writing talent needs to be there in the first place if the songs are going to be any good.
  15. HAHA. Doesn't Justin write and compose several of his songs and play piano, drums and guitar from a real young age?
  16. Yeah I heard he wrote this one in the womb.
  17. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Hunter Hayes >
  18. I know that he needs to develop as an artist - he is only 18 for God's sake - but the musicality, charisma and stage presence are already there.
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