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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. I have no qualms with saying this sounds shit.
  2. It's very *NSYNC "Girlfriend"
  3. Sounds like a smash.

    Wonder which rappers' will we get on the remix(es)?:
  4. His voice still sounds like six teenage boys singing at once.
  5. As opposed to what? Susan Boyle?
  6. Pretty sure I'll be listening to this non-stop for a couple days.
  7. I think he implied Timberlake. Haha.
  8. $u$an is the real Queen of Pop and you all better stanz!!!
  9. I'd take new music from Mr Timberlake any day of the week...but this will do for now.

    I wonder how "swaggie" manages to fit in with all of this.
  10. Rmx


    I can't handle him being popular, I just can't deal with it. So far I've done quite well at ignoring him, the only song of him I've ever heard is the (god-awful) Baby. That was enough.
  11. I have a feeling that this era will make or break him. He's trying to 'mature' his image so if it works out he can join the ranks of the 'big' popstars properly.
  12. Dag


    Definitely. This is the point where things went tits up for Miley. Bieber looks like he has a better sense of direction than she did though.
  13. I really can't see this being make or break for him. His fanbase is ridiculously big and even more so delusional. He's not going anywhere for a good while.
  14. Boyfriend seems to be his Born This Way moment, in terms of the unbelievable level of hype he's drummed up for its premiere. I don't even like Bieber but I'm so excited for this single due to the relentless hype & promo he's done for it already.
  15. Dag


    I do think it will make him, rather than break him. But we shouldn't forget that he is sitting on an extremely fickle fanbase. Remember the Jonas Brothers?
  16. Except no one really cared that much about the Jonas Brothers in the first place.

    I do agree though, as much as I dislike JB I think this album will propel him to another level in terms of stardom.

    He's got a lot of potential and one day he probably will release an album that's actually worth purchasing. That's not going to happen until he matures and he start exploring lyrics beyond your typical 14 year old's diary.
  17. It's already a break.

    He's only had 1 mainstream hit. His movie flopped. His hyped Vogue cover flopped. His feature on the Far East Movement track did nothing. He had to hop onto Carly Rae Jepson to get some buzz.

    Yeh. It's not going too well.
  18. I hate this pseudo-urban shit.
  19. Whilst I shan't be as dramatic as breakfast2, I do find it a little surprising that he hasn't achieved a US No. 1 yet. Regardless of the quality of this record, it'll probably hit the top spot. HIs fans are primed and ready to swallow anything he offers them.

    I can't judge fully yet, but I honestly thought he'd 'come harder' than this. It sounds a bit light. He really has something to prove here, and this doesn't immediately point towards something groundbreaking (for him).

    And I'm not going to give any of you the satisfaction of pulling up the accidental innuendos that exist in my post here. After scanning my post, I've done that for you.
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