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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. All I've seen on twitter for days is "__ days until we make history beliebers!" so if their plan to propel this to #1 with gastronomic sales is unsuccessful, I'd be gobsmacked.
  2. There is no way Bieber's Boyfriend (I love saying that) is going to overtake fun. to get to #1. #2 maybe...depends if radio picks it up.
  3. Doesn't really surprise me. Radio counts for a lot in the US and it is Justin Bieber after all. My World 2.0 did great so that proves he's definitely been a huge success, but I still think it's make or break for him in that he needs mature as fans grow up and will grow out of him. No he won't become irrelevant instantly, but if he sticks with the teen image he's got a short shelf life.
  4. It just isn't cool to like a Justin Bieber song. He needs to shake off the stigma attached to him.
  5. He's had at least two mainstream hits - 'Baby' and 'Somebody to Love' - and three if you count the Sean Kingston song, which wasn't a "smash" but not a flop either.

    And to suggest the movie flopped is incredibly misguided. It was produced on a budget less than $15 million and grossed $73 million domestically, with an added $25 million internationally. Factor in promotion and advertising, and you still have a hit on your hands. Also, from a purely perception standpoint, it was almost the number one movie the weekend of its debut against a film starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. You can try to spin it otherwise, but the truth is, the movie was a success.

    He also has a considerable presence on blogs and gossip websites, but unlike the Jonas Brothers or Miley, hasn't saturated the market. Perspective, people, perspective.
  6. I will listen to the three songs of his I like (Baby, Somebody To Love and One Time), I just won't allow them to be on my iPod nor shall I watch the official videos as seeing 720,000,000+ on a bogstandard video set in a fucking bowling alley (that isn't Say OK!) makes me lose all faith in humanity.
  7. His voice sounds really good, can't believe I am saying that.

    The beat is pretty cool, I think the full song will be seriously catchy. I'm rooting for him to get that 'it' factor Timberlake had. We need another solo male who dominates with GOOD pop. I feel a bit overwhelmed lately with all these ladies releasing pop music and it makes me wonder where the guys went.
  8. *shudder
  9. I don't believe I've ever known a 14 year old to have the word "Shawdy" (or however you spell it) in their diary... I'd be very surprised to see it in any diary!
  10. This is his "slave" moment.

    The production sounds interesting. I like it. The guitar not so much. Not because I don't like guitars, but because as others have said it gives it this late NSYNC sound. And yes, a very Justin Timberlake 'Senorita' feel.

    Justin can flop for all I care. I loved 'Baby' but thats where it ends. Go away.
  11. Homeboy I think it's quite swaggie to call people "shawdy" nowadays.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Can we really believe this is going to be a huge #1 hit though? I mean, it might be, but the follow-up singles might not do well.

    For example, I'd say that Justin's audience and Taylor Swift's audience are very similar, as they're both very dedicated. But Safe & Sound which was new music from Taylor in a while only reached #30 on the Hot 100.
  13. Is nobody going to touch this? Really?
  14. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Sounds like an album track off Celebrity.

    He's going to flop and One Direction will replace him.

  15. SWAGGIE.
  16. It's very early 2000s Neptunes/Justin T/Nsync basically. I can't say that's really a bad thing to be honest, I'd take that over another generic dance song.
  17. Him going with this sexualized route is really weird. I don't like it. I'm not saying he shouldn't mature, but it's such a departure from the cute kid appeal of the My World bodies of work. It's so obviously inspired by JT and sounds a little like Mike Posner since he is the one producing it. It sounds good, but it just creeps me out I guess. Hopefully Justin Timberlake will be offended and properly make his comeback so I can sleep at night again.
  18. I'm really enjoying his voice on that one minute clip. I think this will do wonders for him, definitely.
  19. Well we get the full version on iTunes in less than an hour...
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