Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

In just one hour the one minute snippet has amassed almost 24,000 plays.

EDIT: Is this what Conor Maynard was going for ?
This is very early 2000s sounding from the clips. I'm kind of interested to hear it in full. His voice also sounds a lot better than what he does on tracks like Baby and Somebody To Love (which was always going to be unsustainable since he would have to hit puberty). I don't know if it will be a hit but I think it will surprise people.
The ad-libs in the second chorus sound like they were recorded pre-puberty, they're so high! I can see that weird descending sound getting quite grating, also. Difficult to judge from the preview, I'm not buying it straight away haha!
I love it. I really, genuinely do. The lyrics are abysmal, but he sounds so good, and I'm so glad this turned out good! It might not sound like a huge lead single, but it's much better than 85% of everything else he's done before.
That's the thing. It's shit but it's the most listenable thing he's released so far. So naturally it will be #1 for the next year.


Oh My God the way this has exploded onto iTunes. Two hours available and already #7. Talking about the US here. The Beliebers trying to get this #1 might just work.


Very early 00s...it reminds me a lot of "Like I Love You". It won't smash that hard, he needs something stronger to overcome the Bieber stigma.
*beat starts*
3Xs: "oooooooooooooh this beat knocks kinda hard"
"if I was your boyfr-"
3Xs: *runs*
Holy fucking shit, he changed his style so much. The production of this sounds so mature, his vocal sounds more mature, only lyrics are... I can't get over that swaggie.