Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

Swaggie? Swaggie!? What the actual fuck!?

I'm loving his mature voice, the beat's alright.... However, the lyrics.... Oh God, those lyrics....

*cries in a corner*
I like this, God help me.

The lyrics are cringey in parts "swaggie" and the Buzz Lightyear line but it's much better than the Tween Pop stuff like Baby.


Quite like this, not what I was expecting at all. Thank God he's done with sounding like a teeny bopper.
Take the lyrics out of this and it's pretty brilliant. I love the production and he does sound fantastic.
Just imagine if this didn't have the awful lyrics, it could have turned him into Timberlake 2.0.The world in general needs a new male popstar, and he nearly has that. Nearly.
This is coming from someone, who, up until this point absolutely despised him.
His vocals are GOOD. Really, really mature and very similar to Justin Timberlake. The beat is excellent too. I want him to do a high international club-y song.
Why is this not out in Ireland or the UK?Thought it was going to iTunes worldwide. How Do I like a Bieber song!?!?!Ahhhh....
His first few singles were bearable to listen, not really making much of an impact to me, yknow those type of songs that's just there for you to hear when you're bored, like Ciara or Keri Hilson's, but then after Baby I just forget him and just whatever.. and now I am in LOVE. His image is wayyyy better now, and his voice, and the song is giving me life!
I think this song is pretty good. It does well in putting out a more mature sound. I am getting Timberlake vibes from it. I still hate Beiber though.
Within three plays this went from passable to addictive.

so say hello to falsetto in three two swag...< amazing
rest of the lyrics not so much but the chorus is great.

Lets face it Timberlake isn't ever gonna put out another album. Bieber may as well steal his sound.
popknark said:
This sounds like everything I wanted the Joe Jonas album to be.

It actually sounds a lot like popjustice fave Simon Curtis (in the sense that it's vocally quite earnest even though whats being said is mostly ridiculous) Simon usually has more 'daring' production, but I guess Bieber has the fanbase to score a hit with a retread of a sound no-one else is touching right now.
Lightyears ahead of anything he's put out so far, but I can't help but feeling that it lacks just that little something to take it being really great.

That said, on first listen, it's a solid 8/10. Very good indeed - puberty hit him like a truck, but it's done him all kinds of favours.

Perhaps even more of a compliment, I'd really like 'this' to be a sound that pop can return to for a while. I'm so relieved to hear a lead single that isn't dance-pop!
EnsnareTheSenses said:
Perhaps even more of a compliment, I'd really like 'this' to be a sound that pop can return to for a while. I'm so relieved to hear a lead single that isn't dance-pop!

Me too! I'm relying on Bieb's to put an end to that trend now.
Davidavies said:
I'm loving his mature voice


His voice is the worst part of this whole song! Even more so than the lyrics. If someone more mature had laced this it might've been brilliant. Justin's really trying to fit in the big boys shoes.
The Biebs has well and truly been bitch slapped by the puberty stick. Getting real Timberlake vibes from this, I love it.
It's a bit basic, but massive step up in quality. If he becomes a decent male popstar I will take back every vile thing I've said about him. (To do this he needs to equal FutureSex/LoveSounds, not an easy job!)
His vocals are EXCELLENT. How can you not see this 3xs? Remember I hate(d???) him. I just don't know anymore. I feel wrong liking this haha. Its also such nice sunny weather at the moment I think this will be a great summer song.