Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)



All you ladies pop your pussy like this Shake your body, don't stop, don't miss
is what I sing as soon as this starts
It reminds me of 'Fight For This Love'. Of course, it doesn't sound anything like it, but it's a perfectly timed counter-punch to current trends and lets the melody do the heavy lifting, especially in the chorus.

It's also this incredible hybrid of early-Britney attitude and the first-Timberlake-album sound, which is amazing.
that boy is a monster said:
I'm glad I've been given a reason to like Justin Bieber. Everything up until now has been shit, this is great though.

Same. I've always loved him as a popstar, but his songs were mostly shit. This is nice.
Well I love this. I agree it is definitely a breath of fresh air, now if others would jump on the decent music bandwagon and exit the Guetta hype, would be much appreciated thank you very much.

The beat is so slick. Also his voice sounds sexy. Shoot me now.
bobbyrae said:
Just imagine if this didn't have the awful lyrics, it could have turned him into Timberlake 2.0.The world in general needs a new male popstar, and he nearly has that. Nearly.
This is coming from someone, who, up until this point absolutely despised him.
His vocals are GOOD. Really, really mature and very similar to Justin Timberlake. The beat is excellent too. I want him to do a high international club-y song.
These are pretty much my thoughts on the matter.

It definitely feels like his 'Slave' in terms of this being Bieber's 'moment' to shift from teenybopper pop to a more 'mature', 'RnB' sound, but obviously sonically it's far closer to Justified-era Timberlake and, indeed, N'Sync's Girlfriend.

The bridge/pre-chorus is very strong melodically, definitely my favourite part. That said, we mustn't for one second neglect to mention just how TERRIBLE the lyrics are.
I can't believe how much his voice has changed just since last year! This song is so different, and like was already mentioned, I breath of fresh air. When I listened to the clip, I honestly thought it had been tagged as the wrong artist. I've liked his output so far, but I feel like I'm about to stan hard.
So I must be alone in thinking he sounds literally almost the exact same as before?

Welp. *leaves*
3Xs said:
So I must be alone in thinking he sounds literally almost the exact same as before?

Welp. *leaves*
I think you may actually be the only one. How can you not hear the HUGE difference?!?Baffled...