Justin Bieber - Boyfriend (1st Single)

The verses with the faux-rap (and the lyrics in general) are crap. He should be banned from saying 'swag' or any variant. But the rest is quite good! He's definately going for the Timberlake route isn't he.
Oh well hello Justin Timberlake 2.0 or to say wannabe JT 2.0.

Song is nice. It would be much better if somebody else sung it but hey ...
bobbyrae said:
3Xs said:
So I must be alone in thinking he sounds literally almost the exact same as before?

Welp. *leaves*
I think you may actually be the only one. How can you not hear the HUGE difference?!?Baffled...

He sounds just as boyish, shrill and whiny as ever? There's not much of a difference, aside from the lyrical content and musical production, but that's nothing to do with his voice.

Bring It Biebs!! i was a hater but you have now made me a fan!

i have literally listened to this for an HOUR straight! ugh!

too good! lol! so fresh even though it's early 00s, but isn't that what pop music seems to be trying to go to now.
Oh My God. I've never liked anything he's done but this is quite good. He sounds spookily like Darin in places actually (who I adore). Am I about to become a Belieber?
The verses are brilliant, the chorus not so great. Half way there.

I do find it all a bit weird him trying to make the whole sexy mature popstar thing happen though, as inevitable as it was. There's really nothing sexually appealling about him, especially compared to the all time hottttttttness of Justin circa Justified (and who all this reminds me that I kinda miss him, for all his douchiness). He still looks 15.

But yeah, thumbs up.



In every sense of the word.

If there wasn't such a stigma attached to him, I'd be stanning left right and center.
He doesn't sound like himself on this track which will be interesting to see how will he pull some of the notes live. Still too Justin Timberlake but overall nice song.
I like it! But I feel like I need to see it to connect with it, I hope the video brings this together nicely because there's potential here.