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Justin Bieber - Changes (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2017.

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  1. Looks like he smells tbh. Reminds me of guys living in blocks/projects in deep poor parts of Poland. His blinking could be from sitting inside too much.
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  2. 7 years too late hen.

    Anyway, I feel like aside from dragging his awful tattoos I feel uncomfortable commenting on his appearance. All I will say is, he just seems desperately sad every time we see him. Whether he's in or out of the spotlight, I feel like he just seems utterly hollowed out and empty. Teenage fame is just tragic.
  3. 2014

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    ok but how does Friends still go off like it does? His best song after Sorry.
  4. I feel really sorry for him.
  5. Did anyone see the video on YouTube of him going out for a run and then literally being chased down the street by hundreds of fans within minutes? They were literally running beside him, in front of him, trying to block his path and he kept trying to swerve them and hide and the whole thing was just so awful to watch.
  6. He's on the lead with Jay Electronica from Poo Bear's new project .

  7. I'm pretty sure a demo of this leaked like 3 years ago nn. A mess.
  8. I haven't played it cause the intro shooed me away. Is it any good?
  9. He just needs to come back and save pop music ASAP.
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  10. Scream.
    Born in Poland so I know what you are talking about.
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  11. This actually started growing on me. I wish we could get a Justin Bieber solo version of this song though (Jay's verse is fine too), but there might be (wasn't the demo a solo version?). Anyway, this style suits him and I'd love for him to focus on R&B-influenced pop music for his next album. I am still convinced "Journals" is his best and only cohesive album to this day. but I might be the only one...
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  12. I mean, he might not be working very hard on his next album but you can't say his life is boring.
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  13. Man, he looks so out of it in that video. That looks worrying.
  14. When is the modern King of Pop going to bless us with more music? Is there anything in the works at all?

    I'm all for him walking around Los Angeles looking filthy, going to SoulCycle classes every day and chilling with the lord. Whatever is best for his mental health. However, I'd love another album from him soon. Even if he can't handle touring anymore, that's fine, I just hope he hasn't given up on music.
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  15. Wasn't there a leak of a schedule from his label lately ? It mentioned an album being out later this year if I recall correctly.
  16. We've just suffered an all time worst Ed Sheeran reign and are currently tolerating a Drake one. I could do without another Bieber album til at least 2019. Let our pop girls thrive a biT.
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  17. The pop girls aren’t going to thrive until we defeat Post Malone
  18. Is our Bora Bora queen not basically a big pop girl at this point?
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  19. I’ve always been curious how his parents are. He seems really lost.

    And to the Ed Sheeran comparisons, I find his music way superior to Ed’s.
  20. Not that it’s hard, but I agree.
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