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Justin Bieber - Changes (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2017.

  1. Yolanda BEEN Hadid.
  2. I don't remember ever witnessing a single campaign this desperate and pathetic.

    We love to see it.
  3. aux


    Predicted to debut at #4, it’s not even close to debuting at #1
  4. Nancy Jo this is Justin Bieber calling
  5. The Box #1? Cameron Diaz stays winning even in retirement. We love to see it.

  6. I can’t believe these are real. Him and Scooter are really in shambles. It gets worse everyday fff.
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  7. I can't believe this is real and probably something they put together in like 20 minutes two hours ago.
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  8. The indescribably intense douche chills this just gave me...he and Scooter Braun truly are a match made in hell.
  9. Okay but when is Yummy (The Tonight Show Rehearsal Audio) dropping?
  10. “ME!” wasn’t that long ago.
  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    If ever there were a clearer picture how far I’ve fallen out of lockstep with what’s popular, I know less than half of these songs.
  12. Since he doesn’t own the rights to any of this material, let’s all report this video.
  13. I hate that I'm watching this video for the third time, and now I'm noticing he legit looks high as fuck, allegedly.
  14. This is my first time hearing The Box... mawma this is garbage. We're really starting 2020 like this huh?
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  15. This has such dark, threatening energy.
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  16. Am I awful for wondering if the Lyme stuff is a cover/fabricated for sympathy?
  17. Taking notes from Selena stans. I don’t think it’s fabricated, but the announcement was obviously orchestrated by Scooter to promote the docu-series.
  18. Ddddd. He's so hurt that he's flopping. I'm celebrating.

    And sorry for being ~insensitive, but I don't believe he has Lyme for one second. It's just a cute cover up for all the drugs he's clearly on. We'll know the truth one day.

  19. Oh WOW The Box pops a bit! Had no idea Roddy had a single this big yet.
  20. I hope scooter doesn't drag Ariana into this mess.
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