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Justin Bieber - Changes (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TasteIt, May 5, 2017.

  1. Every song is exactly the same and Intentions is the best version of it so it’s a real slog to try to find anything in the mix. Shame, Purpose was quite good front to back.
  2. I just hope that wasn't thunder I just heard but Laura Snapes cracking her knuckles.
  3. Pitchfork calls his documentary redemption propaganda.

    We love a good Pitchfork drag. Looking forward to the album review.
  4. I feel like this has been his entire modus operandi since...2015? At least since he was at the VMAs crying in a harness onstage. His celebrity “arc” has had a strain of exploitation to it for a minute now
  5. Also symptoms of Coronavirus
  6. I wouldn’t even give it that much credit.
  7. Love the GAY thread
  8. It's wild how when Get Me was released, I thought of it as some cute, deep cut album track and that there would be much bigger, better songs left to showcase. But I was wrong. Get Me is the best song on the album.
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  9. This album is the worst case scenario of streaming algorithms.
  10. If this were some quick, between eras SoundCloud release (a la Journals) to get the newlywed misogyny out of his system, I might consider giving this a full listen. But knowing this is all he could get together for his big budget comeback release is downright embarrassing. There’s not a chorus, melody, beat, key change, or vocal inflection to be found. The entire thing plods along at a comatose pace, leaving me asleep at the wheel on Sunset Blvd at 1pm by track 7. I had to turn it off, but after listening to a snippet of each following track, it’s safe to say I’m not missing anything.

    I’ve always been a loose Belieber, and have happily attended his last two tours, but it pains me to imagine sitting through this collection in a stadium setting.
  11. No lies detected. I've listened to it a few times now thinking I'll 'get it', but the reality is it is largely a limp, dull and lifeless collection of similar-sounding tracks that don't particularly go anywhere or warrant repeated listens. I'm all for him pushing an R&B sound, but there is so much more to that than lazily mumbling over an urban beat ad infinitum.

    I guess I will remain a 'Purpose and follow-up collabs'-era stan.
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  12. His stans saying "People who don't get this album don't listen to R&B! He's not a pop artist anymore!" is pure cringe.
  13. I feel like I'd probably enjoy a few tracks off this but I just don't have the energy to listen to it and find out.
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  14. Living for Asher Monroe crying about Justin using a sample of his song and not crediting him but Austin / his Producer got the sample from a royalty free pack
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  16. An even more cynical and created-by-algorithm collection of songs than Ed Sheeran's most recent bowl of congealed gruel.
  17. Absolute G A R B A G E, can't believe the tracks with got before the album were the actual 'good' ones.

    He can fuck off back to obscurity with his racist self and wife.
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  18. I'm watching the Ajayll reaction... and it's as bad as I expected.

    This will be a controversial opinion, but a lot of the tracks sound like Mariah's Caution... just without the sparkle that Mariah brings. I then looked on Wiki and saw that Poo Bear has writing/production credits on both albums.
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