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Justin Bieber - Purpose

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robbietoxic, May 9, 2015.

  1. Where Are U Now has finally become a hit in the UK, it looks like it's going to chart in the top 10 this weekend. I absolutely love the track and am so pleased that it's finally becoming a hit. This combined with the, "I'm sorry" approach should mean that he has a proper go at his next album. He's been working on the album for a while and seems to have at least one live date coming up in the UK this summer so I'd assume it's going to be here sooner rather than later, he can't leave it too long as it's been 3 years since his last "proper" album with Believe.
  2. I wonder if the material Bieber previewed on Instagram a few centuries ago will make the album. I remember there were some house-y tracks.
  3. I am here for it. I dig the tone of his voice and he looks cute right now.
  4. He is looking hotter than ever, this is very true.

    Last night he performed at Wango Tango, nothing new other than Where Are U Now, the performance was slightly uncomfortable actually.

    The only other thing of note is that he did Beauty and the Beat and they still included the rap with the reference to Selena.
  5. I want him to do well, because I will always maintain that Boyfriend-As Long As You Love Me-Beauty and a Beat was one of the best runs of pop singles by a pop male in years. I think his 'I'm sorry' campaign at least finally shows some self-awareness of the damage he's done to his image and his career, but I think he is facing a real uphill battle as far as the general public is concerned. Right now, there isn't that burning hatred for him like there was in the last couple of years, but at the same time, that's because he profile feels like the lowest its been for the past few years.

    Basically if the music is good - I'm here for it.
  6. Watching that performance...it is kinda awkward. He feels like a has-been, I dunno.
  7. He'll need a miracle for this to do well.

    Hopefully the general public won't fall for the BS act he is trying to pull off.
  8. I think with the right track he will do really well. Journals is an incredible album, one of the best male pop albums. And Where Are U Now is a tune I think he will get a bigger fan base now rather than just teenage girls.
  9. The only reason I believe the general public isn't as hard on Justin these days is because there's an overall sense of malaise and disinterest. I'll echo others' sentiments and repeat that he'll need something fantastic and magical to transcend anything he had been before. That "idea" of Bieber is still prevalent in the minds of those who did not care about Comedy Roasts or Ellen Interviews. Although he is looking every bit like the adult Pop Star (see that marvelous suit-jacket/blazer he wore at the Met Gala), he'll need to exercise all that energy and bombast into something totally proper. Off The Wall may be a little too extravagant (or perhaps not) of a potential model and feel for an album, but I think a great combination of alternative r&b and forward-thinking pop will give him that chance to cross-over in the best way. Let the music do the talking and stop apologizing.
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  10. He's at number 6 this week, up from 18.

    As Long As You Love Me followed up by Beauty & A Beat is beyond flawless back to back singles. Hopefully he is able to keep himself together beyond the PR spin and continue to deliver songs as good as Where Are U Now?
  11. Diplo should produce his entire album.
  12. I'd be totally here for that. Diplo exec with some Max Martin involvement.
  13. Thanks, but no thanks, on this bridge to nowhere.
  14. It's crazy how has yet to find his own sound.
  15. Justin Bieber is such an oddity in pop. He's extremely famous to the point it seems to have eclipsed everything else he's ever done, including his music.
  16. Too accurate. Even more curiouser is how little of a major impact sonically he has had outside of his fanbase for someone as talented as he. Very few of his songs could be deemed classics or even definitive hits of their respective eras. Boyfriend was one song I saw many people (including myself) admit without shame to enjoy but for the most part, he is the most super famous pop star today whose body of work remains nearly skeletal to the masses.
  17. His manager said he was working with Rick Rubin, and Kanye is rumoured to be executive producing. So I guess his 25/R8 is (not) coming! I really feel like if the material is right and he spends this year maintaining his good image, by the time he releases in early 2016 every interview/article will be kind of in on the joke with him, and he'll have the public back on his good side.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    He should sniff around and find one of the smashes Rihanna's not using.

    I always found the media coverage of Justin a bit funny, as though both sides were doing to their best to create a situation or bad boy persona where there isn't one. It's as if Justin would read all the "Is Bieber going bad?" headlines and try his darnedest to make them real, and then the media responded by running actual stories. It was cynically cyclical.

    His biggest problem is he's not a great performer; that video of him singing 'Love Me Harder' with Ariana a couple of weeks ago was laughable.
  19. He's not an artist or musician. He has and always will be a brand funded by delusional teenage girls with little taste in music. Once he steps away from that image, he'll become a bigger joke.
  20. That is incorrect.
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