Justin Timberlake - Everything I Thought It Was

Confront what? You haven't contradicted anything I said.
What's there to contradict?
Her stans have nearly as much to answer for as he has, so whatever distracts them from having to confront that I guess.
Read your own post.
Her stans but not her, unlike him.

Confront that.
So I'll repeat. Her stans may have things to answer for but not her. Unlike him.

Confront that.
This really has to be one of the worst lyrics, everytime I hear it it’s like nails on a chalkboard,

If they knew what I know
They would never let you go
So guess what?
I ain't ever lettin' you go

I for one like this type of lyrics that feel a bit repetitive, a bit light-hearted, a bit quirky (because "oh, no, he didn't say that, did he?").

It is obviously done on purpose and is one single example in a whole record. It's fine by me.
I’m curious how this will do. His fan base is still big enough for this to have a nice first week and be #1. But what happens after that will be interesting. Selfish isn’t a bomb or a hit.

I listened to it the other day again and it is a nice song. If he had released this off the back of Can’t Stop the Feeling it probably would’ve been an easy #1 for him.

He’s done everything a lot of people felt he needed - refresh the image a bit, release some basic good bops that don’t sound like FutureSex rejects. But it all came about 6 years too late.