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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Helena, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Lyrically, musically, visually... on every level it is pure trash.

    A zero in every respect.
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  2. I think it kinda bops, but yeah, subject-wise it's no bueno. It's a no from me!
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This slapped as well.

    Maybe dance music was his genre and he didn't realise it.
  4. JC doing the backing vocals on this has always been so left-field to me, but yes. Simply Being Loved is genuinely one of my favorite songs of all time and BT should've had more of a Moment as a pop producer.

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  5. What tickles me is that in 2017 I wrote a piece for VICE on why Justin Timberlake just isn’t great anymore and still to this day I’m getting American bros finding my Instagram and DMing me calling me an asshole and a hater.

    Like who hurt you?!!
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  6. JC had the better voice, the better moves and the better looks. But Justin had the biggest celebrity (thanks Britney) and the better material, probably because JC decided to write and produce most of his debut himself and decided to make everything hypersexual. This Dallas Austin bop was pretty good though
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  7. This used to be my jam (and content of my sexxx dreams) in 2006.

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  8. Unfortunately the music was a bit shit.
  9. Honestly, Zane Lowe's behaviour in that video (and most of his other interviews). Talk about insufferable. Only he can make JT seem bearable by comparison.

    But that was a pretty interesting interview; it was great to hear the stories behind those songs and his thoughts on them (except the awful Can't Stop The Feeling, which even he can't seem to hide his disdain for). Those early JT albums were hugely formative parts of my musical journey growing up - I played them to death back in the day, as did most people. It's easy to forget now just how big a deal he was in the early 00s.
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  10. and nothing from Man Of The Woods.
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  12. I have never felt more second hand embarrassment than watching Zane Lowe in this interview. It's like he's in a JT suck up contest. And he's winning.

    That said, Justin does have some classics.
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  13. Justified and Futuresex/ Lovesounds really are modern classics.
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  14. Throwback thirst traps to encourage voting, anyone?

  15. Not mad at it, honestly, but I am trash.
  16. Sounds ok...
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