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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Helena, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. I may have heard clips of 2 songs from his upcoming album... it’s very r&b hip-hop sounding. The song he did with Lizzo also has Meek Mill on it and it sounds like a rap song instrumentally - that trap upbeat vibe!
  2. Is it still Timbaland produced or has Justin moved on?
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  3. Hmm, not sure what to think of this.
  4. I don’t know who produced them, sorry! I have to say I think they sound better than anything the other Justin put on Changes.

    To me they sounded more FutureSex/LoveSounds vibe but in 2018/9 trap style! That’s only of 2 songs I’ve heard though I can’t speak for the whole project, they might not even be on the final album!
  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Yeah my mind immediately went to Lizzo, because I haven't been able to erase this god-awful cringey video from my memory since he posted it nn

    If Lizzo blows her all-important major-label second album comeback hype on a Justin Timberlake song... sis is it worth it, is it worth 10,000 dollars dot gif
  6. Oh.
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  7. Rob


    It sure is a high barometer we set for male popstars.
  8. More like a Vegas residency
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  9. I can't say that's something I'd be massively interested in, but it could make sense for him. Like the female popstars - Gaga aside - who have gone to Vegas in recent years, he has young children and it could suit him to park in the same place long term.
  10. When someone asked Justin about doing a Vegas residency he basically said it was for has beens. This was just in 2017 or 2018 by the way.
  11. Well, that was before his last flop of an era, so he may not be far off from changing his mind.
  12. Has been perfectly describes Justin Timberlake, honestly.
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  13. Was just looking up what happened after 2006.
    Forgot that one era happened afterwards, OK it was not a bad album and had some standout tracks... But I honestly forgot songs like Suit & Tie existed. And then that short-lived one-off single era a few years later he is still living off.

    To me, What Goes Around was the last memorable thing he did. Mirrors (again, had to look it up on Wikipedia) was big, retrospectively... but anyone could have sung it.

    I feel he has been on an identity loss ever since FS/LS.
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  14. It’s weird when you remember how massive Mirrors was for him. Because when I listen back to it, it’s not even that great?! It’s a very bleh song.

    Agreed that he’s had a bit of an i deity crisis since FS/LS. But I can’t help but think that’s a lot down to the fact there’s been a greater conversation around how he, a white man, has sustained a career off the back of black culture for the longest time in the last decade or so. That photo of him sitting next to Timbaland and Pharrell with a caption about them carrying JT’s deadweight lives rent free in my mind!!

    He’s also rightfully being held accountable for what he did to Janet all them years ago.

    This was all a long time coming to be honest and it’s just interesting (and oddly satisfying) seeing him struggle and squirm to find a way out of it.
  15. Nn didn’t Christina basically say the same thing? I feel like they all say that before ultimately signing a Vegas deal.
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  16. “Mirrors” is great!
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  17. I think that was actually Irving Azoff, not Christina. But Justin said it when Britney, Cardi, Gaga, and Bruno all had residencies. He's a tool.
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  18. Mirrors is such an overblown song with not much behind it. To me it felt out of place in 2013, soundwise... More like a 2000s song.

    And WaiT @ that remark being true. If you think of it, that entire career is secretly centered around black people.
  19. I think I lost interest when he became a mediocre actor
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  20. So all the way back in 2000 when he did Model Behavior?
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