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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Helena, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. I never understood this quasi-controversy? She's credited as a background vocalist which is essentially all she is.
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  2. I thought this was already known... or least, somehow I already knew this, but not sure why.
    Probably from listening to a Floetry interview on Rhythm Nation on Radio 1 back in the day or something.

    Anyways, all this from Justin just makes me want to listen to this:

  3. I think it’s cause she strangely sounds a lot like him? A well known gospel choir’s on the song too but her name goes viral every year because younger millennials/Gen Z don’t seem to know she sings background on the song.
  4. He’s such a weasel I can-fucking-not

  5. he can show his forgiveness by retiring forever
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  6. I can’t with all the people (even here) with their “at least he finally apologised...” bullshit.

    The man is absolute trash and should have been cancelled years ago.
  7. Me reading his garbage "apology":

  8. I despise this man.
  9. I do have to laugh when he mentioned that Vegas residencies were part of a "retirement plan" because we all know a few years from now he's going to announce a residency. I can see it coming a mile off.
  10. Remember when he said "if [Britney] had a clue she would never have done Crossroads" and then he preceded to embarrass himself in dozens of movies? I have to laugh.
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  11. He can take his "apology" and shove it up his ass.
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  12. It does take a lot of nerve to be this dense, huh?
  13. Fuck him and fuck his fake apology.

    He can continue to rot.
  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The thing that gives me some peace about this all is knowing that Britney's legacy will likely always be much more than his. Society has the inherent aim of...failing women while they're with us, but in retrospect, and especially with much of her earlier work being re-evaluated as poptism and nostalgia collide, I think her star and impact on music and celebrity culture will become something immovable and undeniable. That's not an accolade that I think JT will end up having himself, especially when his work has been nowhere near as expansive or risk-taking, or just plain quirky as Britney's has been (FutureSex/LoveSounds, at a push, and that's generous). I think, as sad as it might be, that time will be the ultimate judge of who's remembered more fondly rather than not.
  15. I've never seen that Oprah clip before but it's an incredibly frustrating watch. It feels like the entire focus of the interview is to get Janet to say Justin deserved some of the backlash too.

    The wildly disproportionate nature of said backlash and the underlying misogyny and racism aren't really addressed, even though the quote from Justin (which is another example of where he falls short, as it reads more like a mere acknowledgement than an actual condemnation) provides a perfect starting point for just such a discussion. Yet it doesn't happen, and the fact that even arguably the most powerful and influential Black woman in America couldn't have that conversation on her show is deeply disappointing. Even more so when you consider she may well have wanted to have it, but held back for fear that she might face blowback of her own.

    Doing the modern day equivalent of putting Justin in stocks and pelting him with rotten fruit is all very well and I'm certainly not going to say it's undeserved, but my worry is that in terms of the underlying issues here, it won't solve or change anything in the long run.
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  16. He said all the right things...while also not actually referencing any of his specific errors. As the great Holly Valance once said, action speaks louder than words, especially when it comes to a single vague Notes screengrab following two decades of his behavior. Now he’s done the very least; I won’t hold my breath for more.

    Would have been nice for him to also include Elisha Cuthbert for publicly slut-shaming her being used as his main promotional tool for a multi-platinum hit...over a situation that had nothing to do with him.
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  17. Exactly this. I'm all for people making amends, but it needs to be for the benefit of the person receiving it. This just feels like a knee-jerk reaction to name checks in the Britney documentary.

    It really took 17 years to write a two-slide IG post? What are/were Britney and Janet meant to get from that? He makes no suggestion that he's reaching out to them directly.

    I was surprised that the bulk of comments to his post were so positive.
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