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Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Its beyond time for a new thread.

    As everybody knows, Justin is aiming for a comeback next year. Strong rumours indicate that he is headlining The Halftime Show at the Super Bowl, with the possibility of some invited artists.

    Timbaland and Pharrell Williams are involved in the project and, after the massive success of Can't Stop the Feeling, Max Martin is a sure guess as well.

    Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of his last album (20/20 part 2) and CSTF, but the part 1 of the project was brilliant. So, if he restores that R&B/neo soul magic, this will be a highlight of 2018 for me.
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  2. pretends_to_be_shocked.gif

    Not particularly thrilled at the idea of Can’t Stop the Feeling Pt. 2, either, but I guess we’ll see.
  3. Not just a guess.

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  4. I dunno, this idea of shiny, streamlined, well-packaged soul and blues sounds sort of intriguing.
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  5. Yeah, that was expected. Honestly I feel that Max Martin is so stale at this point that I would prefer him nowhere near this project.

    I understand the Timbaland and Pharrell criticism, but overall the material they create with Justin is very strong. No objections here.
  6. I've heard The 20/20 Experience. That was a disappointment. I'm only hoping that Justin doesn't fall prey to excess like last time.
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  7. Inb4 it's a country album and he becomes the new Blake Shelton
  8. It's 2017 and it will be a country album. The only one who will not release a country album is Taylor Swift.
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  9. Max Martin-produced country music sounds... I don't even know.
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  10. I'm so not here for Justin's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."
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  11. Amazing.
  12. Hold up. I never knew Max Martin and Shellback produced a Carrie Underwood song. I feel like my world has been dramatically changed.
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  13. Wait this is a bop.

  14. This was originally for Christina's "Lotus".

    Justin is not going to sound like this though.
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  15. I love that song, it's one of Cassadee's best.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Yeah, I was hoping there was going to be a hint of his upcoming music in that video. None. Instead there was a brief second of "SexyBack" in there. Justin, why don't you release music?!?!?!?!
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