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Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. Supplies is the next track released, the one from the trailer.
  2. Read some reviews of 1oak.
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  3. Grim stuff.
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  4. Based on the snippets (groan) I think this is going be another JT album, for better or worse. If you love his past work as I do, that's great. If you wanted him to do something different, I don't think it will really be a world away from the material we're familiar with. This is obviously extrapolating based on the info we have, but it definitely doesn't seem like the sea change that some were hoping for/worried about.

    Watch me be completely wrong and the entire album is a klezmer Tennessee R&B backwoods hybrid ddd
  5. Keep the faith, Drewsie.
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  6. This is the one from the trailer that I really like. That’s not a Pharrell track, though, and “Supplies” is a Pharrell track, right?
  7. I think there were two songs in the trailer?
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  8. Are those first two clips different songs, then? The vocal melody is so similar, and the beat change reminds me of "What Goes Around." Or am I missing an earlier song in the trailer? I guess it’s also possible that “Supplies” is actually Timbo, or Pharrell totally jacked his sound.

    ETA: I really liked whatever is in the trailer, so whether it's one song or two different songs, I hope it (if one) or one of them (if two) is really up next.
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  9. Scream at 1Oak of all places.
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  10. BML


    I spent a good 20 minutes reading Yelp reviews earlier and WHEW! It's almost performance art at this point.
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  11. It's also like...not particularly trendy at this point teebs? Maybe it's had a resurgence but I haven't heard about anyone going to 1Oak in years. I used to know a couple bottle service girls there dddd.
  12. My 2010, 2011 days at 1OAK in LA were quite grim. No need to revisit.

    EDIT: realizing I'm mixing that up with Hyde. I have never been to 1Oak, praise be. Same SBE-style garbage.
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  13. It just seems like such a dull, transparent, cringeworthy scene. JT must still think it's 2007, or just genuinely like it.
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  14. Neither bodes too well.
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  15. Listening again on headphones and it’s definitely “Supplies.” It really does sound like a smash. That 808 is crazy. Hopefully Pharrell & Chad were on their A-game with Ariana, too.
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  16. Ugh. I keep forgetting hes going to be around here constantly in the next month.
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  17. I feel like I keep having to preface all of my posts here with, "I am a JT fan but..."

    What a terrible idea.
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  18. I can't believe his estate is letting Justin have a party in Prince's home. Will they be renting it out for bar mitzvahs next?
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  19. For the right price, probably.
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