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Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. My college freshman roommate sort of looks like him and was a cheating bastard who became sex buddies with a girl on a wheelchair (at the time) while going home to his high school girlfriend every weekend. So there's that.
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  2. Throughout all of his recent...mess, the one thing sustaining me and giving me life is calling him Jussy and Jussy J.
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  3. wow that just summerizes it so perfectly.
  4. He is REALLY annoying isn't he?
  5. I mean come on, even if he wasn't trying to intentionally be shady (doubt it) he still should have common sense to know that if you say something like that when your ex you've talked shit about many times publicly, JUST finished her Vegas residency.. you will get side-eyed for that statement.
    EDIT: Bruno is doing a residency and he was the one blocking JT from getting the #1 spot for Filthy. Bloop.
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  6. But on the bright side I'm glad he can't get away from Britney related questions even after all these years. Bitch must be mad. That's probably the only thing people are interested in.
    He must think it so annoying that in the middle of his interview, they brought up Las Vegas residency, and that's so obviously a trend Britney started with these younger stars.
  7. BML


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  8. As long as he treats Ari as well as he treated N.E.R.D., Pharrell is fine with me.
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  9. Sis, let's not.
  10. Remember when JT used to do those Lonely Island spoof songs? Supplies is kind of like that but actually trying to be taken seriously.
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  11. LiK


    You Britney fans are truly something else.

    I don't even think his intent was to be shady here.
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  12. I hate myself for adding Supplies to my current playlist, but the production knocks.
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  13. Every article regarding the era I come across online is dragging him.

  14. <its_what_she_deserves.gif>
  15. I love it when we all join hands like the Whos in Whoville and collectively hate on the same artists.

    My heart grew three sizes reading this thread.
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  16. His YouTube views this era continue to be....shockingly bad. Especially when you consider that Can’t Stop the Feeling got over 700 million views.
  17. Not all of us.
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  18. Yeah but who are you, anyway?
  19. Listening to *NSYNC's first album and realizing how flawless "for the girl who has everything" is. I noticed throughout the entire song how smooth the vocals were and not grating on my ears like a lot of their songs were thanks to JT and (sometimes) Chris. It was then I realized the superior member JC sang the entire song and the rest were backup on the chorus. No wonder why I'm loving it so much.
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  20. I turned off the latest Woody Allen movie tonight and not because of Woody Allen but because of JT and that’s saying something.
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