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Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. This. I want a version with a choir in now, sounds much better than the album recording.
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  2. The backlash against him is legitimate (and I’m living for it) but don’t let others ‘dictate’ you via media’s viewing angle whether you should see him live or not.
  3. LiK


    Well this thread is just a thread and whatever is going on with him right now pertaining to how people are reacting to him won't really matter at the concert. It'll be a good time for sure.
  4. TM


    My guess is that Trump voters will buy his album and he'll see massive album sales.
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  5. Aw, it's nice of him to have Anastacia sing on "Say Something".
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  6. I'm about to listen to the new one.
  7. Y'all thinking the song has any depth....

    It's literally the most generic, depth-less Madlibs take on folk music. It takes some idiom that makes little sense in whatever he's trying to say and expects it to do the heavy lifting. At least "a tiger don't lose no sleep, don't need opinions from a shellfish or a sheep" was tongue-in-cheek and bopped.

    Future JT lyrics:
    "Sometimes the right road to drive down is none at all"
    "We're burning bridges that were already burnt"
    "Let's go back to the drawing board, I'll be the marker"
    "I'll bite the bullet if you're the one pulling the gun"

    Like the song is nonsensical rambling with a shoehorned in idiom that doesn't make much sense in the song. If this was a Katy or Sia ballad, y'all would be tearing it to shreds.
  8. All singles sounds like an album tracks. I mean, it’s not that bad, but I’m still waiting for a bop material.
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  9. The #MeToo stuff has been going for a few months now, surely his people or he himself would have felt a little off putting this out?

    It's a good song, but again it's all just not worth giving a shit about.

    * and after that blind item was revealed to be him I truly can't find anything likable about the petty little man.
  10. Oh honey, is this shade?

    Also, I played the new song on Spotify 5 seconds ago and the track that followed was My Love - I see what you did there Spotify, cleansing that trash song from my ears and then serving me a classic BOP.
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  11. The worst part of this is the intro had me thinking I was going to get a Bieber/Bloodpop-style banger with reverb vocal chops and a big ole 808, and then it became some white guy, Avicii-2011 bullshit.
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  12. Some are reaching a bit too much with the lyrical content ddd.
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  13. Here for this legendary Britney and N Sync performance (in which the Janet influence is undeniable) to be used as a template.

    Also here for Britney to proclaim "Right now I'd like to introduce you to an ex of mine".
  14. Janet needs to steal the show and perform Rhythm Nation. It's the performance we deserve.
  15. Definitely go for it. I’ve seen him live three times and each time was better than the last. He’s an excellent performer and the live band sound really works with his songs. You won’t be disappointed.
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  16. I don’t think that the lyrics are deep or thought provoking. I mean obviously. But like others have said, it’s just an incredibly tone deaf move to release a song that says ‘be quiet!’, whatever the meaning in the context of the song itself, because especially in this particular era with Trump/blatant racism/sexism/assault being everywhere, it’s more important than ever that people use their voice and speak truth to power. The last year has seen an absolutely amazing amount of people speaking up for the things they believe in. It just seems incredibly irresponsible to use a platform like the Super Bowl to send out a message like this. (Again, regardless of what the songs meaning is) And considering the criticisms that have plagued him for years, it’s astounding to me that no one on his team would have picked up on the fact that the lyrics could be read this way and advised him against it, for now at least.

    Whatever. Buy Janet’s Number Ones on iTunes instead on the day this mess is released.
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  17. *Watches Video*
    *Sees that it's over 6 minutes long*
    *Turns off the video*
  18. Pitchfork is just living for this mess.

    Anyway. If you ever decide to put yourself in agony by listeing to some white male whining about nothing, might as well play this one and support some REAL music!

  19. Which one of y'all is writing for Pitchfork now
  20. I'll give you one half of a guess.
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