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Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. This thread appears to be flopping too?
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  2. It's what she deserves here too.
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  3. I'm surprised the backlash came now and not with the dated beats and wooden meandering of 20/20. I think the catalyst was the Super Bowl reminding everyone of Janet's indignation and unfair vilification. A (poetic) pop justice.
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  4. Say Something incoming..
  5. And here I was thinking he had pulled a Taylor and retreated after all the backlash.
  6. "I'm the one in the beanie." kills me for some reason
  7. I wouldn't be shocked that Justin lives so far in his own anus that he's completely unaware of the backlash he's inspired.
  8. I hate that Say Something is taking off. This entire campaign being a complete flop would've been satisfying. We can't have everything, I guess.
  9. Yeah unfortunately I've heard Say Something on the radio a few times now (can't say the same for Filthy/Supplies). Such a dismal retread of Mirrors.
  10. Supplies sounds like a Rihanna song that would of been on Talk That Talk album
  11. Rihanna sweetie I’m so sorry.
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  12. Say Something possibly becoming a hit... doesn’t surprise me. I mean putting Chris Stapleton on the track helps get those redneck streams.
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  13. Justin Trumperlake.
  14. I just caught up again and started from page 208. The predictions getting lower after playing the SuperBowl made my day
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  15. Backlash in a pop media/gay/buzzfeed bubble just doesn't mean a lot. Yes the predictions were higher but the sales would have been better if Filthy would have caught on. Which it didn't because it was shit. But

    Every basic white straight colleague I have bought tickets for the tour if they were "lucky" enough to get one, loves Say Something and doesn't care about Janet Jackson at all. They happily bop along to every shit he releases. No one understands my hate for that guy. And this makes me even angrier.
  16. My highlight of this campaign was when one of my co-workers put on a Spotify playlist for an event, got to Supplies and after thirty seconds said "wow I don't like this at all" and changed it to Anywhere by Rita Ora.
  17. Is supplies the track Pharrel said is a sure fire smash on that rustic teaser video?
  18. I truly never saw him as problematic till now. I even liked Can't Stop The Feeling and was stanning Mirrors.
  19. Supplies became even worse with every play and I didn´t even play it a lot. This album is so underwhelming, cringey and mostly boring.
    I see why people want to watch him live.
    His Superbowl performance was solid and he will surely put on a show on tour.

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHA. If only he had any sense of self-awareness the man would be a comedic genius.
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