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Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by UndercovaSista, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Brexit teas.
  2. This Brits effect is the same thing he benefitted from last time in the UK as well, when he performed Mirrors and it went to #1 on the back of it.
  3. The irony of rocking out to Midnight Summer Jam as I make my way to work in the midst of a snow blizzard is not lost on me.
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  4. I have a new appreciation for Midnight Summer Jam after the Brits performance.
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  5. I would enjoy that song if it wasn't for the background vocals repeating I Know.

    I still only find Higher, Higher, Montana and Breeze the Pond as the stand outs on the album. The rest of the songs have potential but so much is let down by the lyrics.
  6. I’m here to remind y’all Miguel and Khalid released excellent male pop albums last year that will make you forget all about this drivel.
  7. So this worked out well... when popstars get dragged, I get super cheap tickets and live happily ever after. Life is good, guys!
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  8. Still havent heard this except Filthy and Supplies and I’m glad for it. Should I listen? Dare I?
  9. Definitely don't bother listening to the whole thing. Higher, Higher and the three in a row of Montana > Breeze Off The Pond > Livin Off The Land towards the end are cute enough though, if you have 20 minutes to spare one day.

    Say Something is a bop too, but only if you can manage to ignore the lyrics.
  10. I would listen to the album at least once, as you might enjoy the songs.

    Montana, Higher Higher and Breeze Off the Pond are the only ones I come back to. The rest have potential but the lyrics really drag it for me. The production are amazing on the songs though.
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  11. Tickets for his Toronto concert on Tuesday are reselling for $14 I'm screaming
  12. The prices are still that high?

  13. It's what she diss oeuvres.
  14. If, for once in my lifetime, these tickets get discounted for a Dutch show I might go.
    But I doubt that, considering they added another show.
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  15. The Dutch still living up to those blackface festivities I see.
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  16. huh what why? I know it's pretty bad huh for people that are not born with the tradition but I understand fully now I'm an adult.
  17. Issa joke sis.
  18. But why is it relevant to this? I dont get why. I get it is.
  19. Just as I thought. He managed to put Flannel and Morning Light on the tour setlist but skip Breeze off the Pond. Who told him that was a good idea?

    At least Montana and Higher Higher is included.
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  20. He didn't?! Ugh, kill me.
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