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Justin Timberlake Singles Rate (THE RESULTS - THE WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by SpanishEyes, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Yes, this is the Justin Timberlake singles rate!

    In 1980, the angels gathered fairy dust and blessed the Timberlake household. Nine months after, baby Justin Randall was born and brought joy to the world. Because his testicles didn't descend until later, he had the magical ability of a high-pitched voice, which would prove to be useful. In 1993, he joined The Mickey Mouse Club, having Britney, Pubertina and JC as castmates. It didn't last long, as he went on to become a part of *NSYNC, a very successful group with lots of fans in the teen demographic. In 2002, after millions of records sold and late night playdates with Lance Bass, Justin started to work on his own material. His debut album, Justified (clever wordplay, innit?), sold 7-8 million copies worldwide and spawned the classic "Cry Me a River". The whole world watched in 2004, as Janet Jackson raped his (and our) vision on the Super Bowl live, by accidentally flashing her tit. A big controversy sparked, but that didn't stop him from winning two Grammys. Some of your faves could never. Alas, he took some time off music to focus on his acting "career". He did a few films, but, in 2006, the sexy back-bringer brought the sexy back through "SexyBack", the lead single from his second album, the critically-praised FutureSex/LoveSounds. It gave him three #1s on the Hot 100, as well as a more mature image. The album sold over 10 million copies and countless artists then wanted to collaborate with him. After the campaigned ended, he maintained a public image through successful features. Unfortunately, his stupid dream of being an actor got the best of him a couple of years later, and is now having no intentions of recording another album.
    But let's take a look over what he has done!
    Here are 22 singles, which you'll have to rate. I initially wanted to forbid zeros, but I'll let them be. I'd also advise you to rate each song for its own merits, and not relative to another, but you do what you want! You can submit your scores through PM, until next Tuesday, at 10pm UK time.

    Like I Love You
    Cry Me A River
    Rock Your Body
    I'm Lovin' It
    My Love
    What Goes Around.../...Comes Around
    Until the End of Time
    Summer Love

    Work It (with Nelly)
    Signs (with Snoop Dogg & Charlie Wilson)
    Give It to Me (with Timbaland & Nelly Furtado)
    Ayo Technology (with 50 Cent)
    4 Minutes (with Madonna)
    Dead and Gone (with TI)
    Love Sex Magic (with Ciara)
    Carry Out (with Timbaland)
    Hallelujah (with Matt Morris & Charlie Sexton)
    Love Dealer (with Esmee Denters)
    Winner (with Jamie Foxx & TI)

    Notes: I didn't include "Where Is the Love?" because he isn't officially credited anywhere and it would feel odd. I also didn't include the Reba and Duran Duran "duets", as Justin is merely a background vocalist. The SNL rubbish is also missing.
    And yes, "Hallelujah" was an official single.


    ...and here's a .gif to keep y'all motivated:
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    Looking at the list I fear there's not much of a point in voting for me cause I pretty much consider all songs a 7.
  3. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I'm here for that gif!

    Such a shame he has so few singles.
  4. RJF


    Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    The same amount of singles as features.

    Only a lazy fucker...
  5. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    Great singles run, it'll be interesting rating these considering they're all on quite a level playing field.
    Taeyang likes this.
  6. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I'm also here for that gif.

    And I've heard he ain't a lazy fucker.
  7. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I suppose you could rank them and then rate with a difference of 0.5 or 1 between them. Or just give most of them a 7.
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    Seems a bit pointless. Oh well, I'll think about it.
  9. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    Interesting. I'll send my ratings soon.
  10. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I was going to say that this singles rate doesn't have an obvious winner, but going by the votes so far, there are a couple of songs that have consistently gotten better scores than the others. Interesting.
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I'd be very shocked if SexyBack and Cry Me A River don't do just a wee bit better than others!
  12. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    An amazing singles artist but I cannot sit through his albums.

  13. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

  14. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I would have thought What Goes Around would do the best! Really, I couldn't say many bad things about any of the FutureSex singles; Lovestoned being my personal fave.
  15. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    I prefer Lovestoned & Summer Love to SexyBack.
  16. RJF


    Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    "SexyBack" is awful.
  17. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    Well, the songs I referred to had a higher average, but since then, they've gotten closer to the rest of the pack. One vote can change anything, the scores are relatively tight. But I think I can say that there aren't any (obvious) strategical votes, so that's good. Not that I'd even know how to strategically vote in this rate; I count the scores, and even I only have a vague idea which song might win. Although, yes, Cry Me a River seems like the natural choice.
  18. Re: Justin Timberlake Singles Rate

    Thank you for introducing me to this man.
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