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Justine Skye - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jersey, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. She released an EP in June and I only just discovered it on Spotify. 7 tracks + interludes which are just weird conversations.
    I'm Yours is a bop.
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  2. Sugarcoated is so lush. I've been bumping this EP all summer.
  3. A Train is a STUNNER. Anticipation is the island pop jam too.

    I'm ready for a full length.
  4. Still a bop

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  5. I love Justine. Emo-tweets and all.

    Hopefully her new Roc Nation deal doesn't put her in that Rita Ora/Bridget Kelly saga.
  6. Roc Nation?!
  7. Her EP was brilliant. Need an album.
  8. Receipts.

    Her mother is an entertainment lawyer, so hopefully we'll still get music...
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  9. Thanks! I was too lazy (and drunk) to Google!
  10. It's 5am on the west coast, I'm also drunk and about to do a matinee performance. Justine would be proud.
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  11. I live.
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  12. What's happening? I need an album from her!!
  13. She was just in the studio with Tank and she's been in and out quite often. I'd say an album by the top of next year seems likely.
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  14. BOP!
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  15. Damn this is really good. Might just be her breakout hit.
  16. I am boppin' HARRRD to U Don't Know. Come through Justine!
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  17. Compared to her EP it's pretty basic but I need more music from her. She's brilliant!
  18. Anyone else still loving U Don't Know? Video is coming soon according to this nice lil' interview. Kudos to her for landing a Roc Nation/Republic deal.
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  19. I love "U Don't Know". Had it on repeat when it came out.
  20. I've been obsessed with her feature on ScHoolboy Q's "Overtime" with Miguel. So good.
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