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Justine Skye - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jersey, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. She looks so good!

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  3. This is so good!
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  4. Debut album Ultraviolet coming January 19th!

  5. YAS

    Queen of having 2% of my Your 2017 Wrapped list.
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  6. Finally!
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  7. YAS, but please let it be better than the singles she’s thrown out recently!
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  8. More songs like Emotionally Unavailable!
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  9. Yes! A template of A Train, I’m Yours, Collide and U Don’t Know would be ideal.
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  10. A solo edit of Collide would be greatly appreciated! The solo version knocks live.

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  11. I second the more like "U Don't Know" motion.
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  12. I actually love Don’t Think About It so I’m bummed it’s gotten a lukewarm reaction from her fan base.
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  14. Also feeling her track on Roc Nation's Holiday compilation... written by my fave Tayla Parx!
  15. Video for "Don't Think About It". Really makes me like the song more. There's something very early 2000s about that chorus. Also it's refreshing to watch a video these days where they actually showcase the choreography.

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  16. Directed by BOOMKACK?!?! Co-written by RAYE too!
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  17. Talent working with talent. Although I think Laurieann is largely to blame for the cringey "8 Ounces" visual
  18. Fred Ball (co-writer of Love on the Brain) has a credit on a song called Heaven. The album’s only a week away!
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  19. Clip of Heaven.
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