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Justine Skye

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jersey, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Obsessed with the album suddenly.
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  2. Heaven has become one of my favourite songs of the year.

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  3. Heaven is quite literally EVERYTHING!
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  4. Her beauty...
  5. New single Build featuring Arin Ray:

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  6. I love her voice.
  7. Lyric video for Build:

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  8. Yay! And she mentioned a full music video is coming on her socials.

    was a bit underwhelming at first, but I've grown to love it throughout the year. Glad to see she's able to release new work and still has a good relationship with Roc Naysh.
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  9. Very intense video for this gorgeous track. Nice to see her having a message in her work now.
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  10. Great video. Very emotional.
  11. She's been the topic of conversation on Twitter today because people figured out that the Build video is about her ex Sheck Wes, who is a rapper who currently has a viral hit (Mo Bamba if you haven't heard it).

    She also apologized for defending model/rapist Ian Connor in the past:

    I'm really proud of her & I hope she stays strong. People are already coming to his defense and it's gross.
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  12. It's disgusting how he will likely only get bigger because people care about abusers more than victims and survivors.
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  13. What a Queen, very gracious in her responses.
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  14. Kehlani was also liking shady tweets/posting cryptically re: Justine's past defense of Ian Connor, which seemed way out of character for her. She deleted them though.

    I don't believe this collab was posted:
  15. Clearly she forgot about that time people found her old tweets joking about Chris Brown assaulting Rihanna....
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  16. Here it is...
  17. Kehlani needs to focus on her own life and her child.
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