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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Basically, discuss any non-idol Korean music in here.

    I'll try posting a different artist each week and of course you can join in as well with recommendations. First up, I think Aseul 아슬 would be an easy sell for this forum - synthy, moody electronic pop.

    You can listen to her 12 track album New Pop on (what I assume is) her Youtube channel. Good stuff.
  2. Okay.... this is my jam, almost more than K-Pop. Aseul is incredible. So many great artists coming out of Seoul these days but Clazziquoi Project, Suran and Hoody are my current faves. I didn't like her last one as much, but Suran usually slays me. And she looks like Ellin. If that counts for anything...

    I'll have to try not to flood this thread. Thanks @Deja-Boo
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  3. Thank lawd for this thread... Let us remember Ashmute:

  4. Does it still count as K-Indie if they're suddenly GAON chart darlings?

  5. Seriously though, this thread should be pinned!
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  6. I feel like I'm going to come into this thread so much... some faves:

    Obviously Park Ji Yoon, she's released some magnificent albums in the past few years and she's now releasing on her own record label.

    Ravie Nuage have some really good releases under their belt, they're quite mellow and lovely.

    I also love Kang A Sol, her vocals are soothing and beautiful.

    I tend to go for really soft releases, y'know, for when I'm in a certain mood, and the K-Indie scene has some incredible gems.
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  7. Is Glen Check considered indie? Because they're amazing.
  8. Let's keep the ball rolling with Nieah who released a killer mini earlier this year:

    And of course

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  9. Done!

    I'm not super into K-indie so I'll use this thread well. I'll also post some of my faves later. x
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  11. These aren't particularly new and hardly trendy (any more), but two of my all-time favorites from any genre:

    Okay, three...
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  12. Can we talk about Dean? He's had some mainstream songwriting and a Taeyeon feature.

  13. Can we talk about how beautiful he is too? I'm a sucker for them R&B guys...
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  14. He and Elo are probably my favorite of the Korean R&B guys. Tattoo is such a jam.
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  15. Crush is probably my fave:

    Also his album was one the best of 2014 ("Want You" is my favorite):

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  16. oh my god what a jam

    not even 100k views, that's true indie haha. His other stuff sounds great as well

    His latest release was a month ago and features drag queens in the MV yaasss

    ugh these are so good
  17. I was listening to Lucy's B-DAY on loop for awhile and this came up as one of the suggested videos. It is fantastic and will be replacing B-DAY as the song I play on loop for awhile.

  18. I saw this one too! It's quite lovely!
  19. Found these lovely tracks the other day:

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  20. Okay, why did I just finally sit down and listen to Miso?

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