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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. I was sold 5 seconds in.
  2. I'm not gonna spam y'all with every artist I find, but the We Love Kpop youtube channel is amazing and has links to the artist's pages in their video descriptions
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  3. Yes! That's been my main resource for finding new acts. I love it!
  4. I heard of Car, Garden before and just saw this on the recommended tab...
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  5. new dean. i am officially giddy.
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  6. He said in an interview about the single that he hopes to have the album out early next year.

    So, buckle up!
  7. Good, because I'm very much over the concept of thro away single releases with no album on the horizon!
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  9. I know. It was actually released in Korea yesterday.
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  10. oops. fixed it. still somewhat giddy. i missed it since I had "Jazzclub" on repeat since yesterday afternoon.
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  11. Dear lord, I love her voice.
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  12. So, I felt it was time to just make introductory playlists for all my favorite indie artists/producers. I clearly can't do Yeseo and Miso, since y'all have pretty much been subjected to all their material.

    Lemme start with Deepshower then!

    It really started with that remix of Dean's "Here and Now" and then I realized he collaborated with Yeseo and his tracks are GOOD. Typically they're really house-influenced and you know I love that.
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  13. Yes master.

    But honestly send me Yeseo and Miso because PLEASE.

  14. Here are sets for Yeseo and Saay.
    For Yeseo: The Bud, A Million Things, and Unkind EPs are on Spotify/Apple Music.

    For Saay: She signed to Universal Korea and has released two singles through them. So, none of the songs in her soundcloud playlist are available on streaming, since her label controls her releases to those platforms.

    I'm also probably gonna do a Youtube playlist for Miso, because she's removed a lot of her stuff from her soundcloud, since signing to a label.

  15. And here's the Miso playlist. I added her collabs with Offonoff, 2xxx!, and Crush.
  16. Not my pop trash ass getting in this spot with amazing remix...
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  17. So, I was just going through old threads...(20 Won Prize!) and I rediscovered W&Whale.

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