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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. YAAAS! Unfortunately now it's W & JAS and they change musical direction with new vocalist. Whale's solo material is also...uhm, more organic.
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  2. Guess it doesn't really count as K-Indie because IU wrote it (and those lyrics *sobs*) but meh, it's going here;

    If I've Don't Say No-ed someone, apologies.
  3. EDIT:

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  4. I found an article about them. They're so good! *cries*
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  5. I mean I was already a fan (Scenery was one of my melancholy faves from last year) but the fact they stan/model themselves somewhat on Portishead just solidified that. Really excited for the EP.

  6. Shaking. Crying. I guess I'm staying up till 3 a.m.....
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  7. Okay then.

    It's already on spotify/apple music.
  8. Pardon this echo chamber I've created but, oh my god I just stumbled upon this.
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  9. I don’t think anyone posted this but alt-bop incoming:
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  10. So, this is B Jyun and I really don't have words for his music. It's just absolutely bonkers.

    He also isn't anywhere on streaming, but a lot of his stuff is on youtube under various indie channels. (We Love Kpop has almost everything I think...)

  11. Continuing my post spam:
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  12. Can't decide if his singing voice is a smidge on the grating side or this is really chill (or both). Points for leaving the imperfect whistling segment in there:
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  13. Also, @ryan_riot92 I hadn't realised you had changed this to the ACTUAL MV, and only just listening now. Wow - cannot wait to delve into the EP if it's all in this soundscape.
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  14. "Ghost" is probably my least favorite track on the EP but I love EVERY TRACK! "Carry On" was the highlight for me.
  15. Choppy is REALLY good. Yas.
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  16. HELP. Sik-K dropped a whole new mini (it includes Choppy and Yelows Gang). He already complained on instagram that it's not on stream world wide, but it's already on youtube.

  17. It's finally on Spotify for those prefer it over Youtube:

    Also -

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