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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BeingBoring., Mar 31, 2011.

  1. "Something About the Night" is sublime. The synth bits remind me of "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson.
  2. PREACH!

    One of my most listened albums since release; it's on in my car every other day.
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  3. Mr.Arroz

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    Yes, stan with me, sister.
  4. Love 'Em All is still the best thing here but Hard to Do is a very close second followed by Maybe I Should Call. I still love how ridiculous and cute Drake Would Love Me is too.
  5. YES!
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    What a terrible video.
  7. [​IMG]

    More Issues Than Vogue (out March 25th)
    1. Mindful
    2. Got Em Like
    3. Ain’t You
    4. Not a Little Bit
    5. If It Ain’t Love
    6. Make The Bed feat. Jason Derulo
    7. Nightstand
    8. These Men
    9. All I Got
    10. Time
    11. Rich feat. Trina & Yo Gotti
    12. Sleep Like a Baby

    The train has reached the station or however that goes.
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    Consider my ticket relinquished.
  9. The guy on the cover wearing jean cut offs.

  10. I just got it earlier today I hope it's good. All the songs she put out from this so far I really liked especially Time.
  11. That guy looks like Bobby.
  12. So how did I miss the release of this for so long?!

    This album is incredible and a huge step up from Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?. The only thing I don't love is how many slower tracks there are, but I figure I'll shave a couple off so the bop to mellow ratio is more aligned.

    Mindful is amazing and not the introduction I expected after my experience with her last album, and I really wish Make The Bed was a solo, but even with Jason it's the obvious bop.
  13. Terrible title but this icon is releasing her fourth album on December 8th. It's been described as "very vibey".



    1. Welcome to the People I Used to Know
    2. Alert
    3. God, Love, Sex and Drugs
    4. Make This Song Cry
    5. Crazy Like You
    6. Kim K
    7. Takes Two
    8. Rounds
    9. Either Way (featuring Chris Brown)
    10. Birthday
    11. Fuck Your Man (Interlude)
    12. No Not You
    13. Giving Up On Love
    14. Help Me Grow (Interlude)
    15. Heaven
    16. Run Don't Walk
    17. Industry Suicide (Interlude)
    18. Talk to God
    19. Brain on Love
    20. Woman of My Word
    21. Outro

    Preceded by the singles Birthday, Either Way, and Make This Song Cry.
  14. Perched, I wasn't a fan of More Issues than Vogue but Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart? was great.
  15. More Issues Than Vogue is really well done and definitely a solid piece of work, but Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? has a lot of mind-blowing highs.

    Of the new songs, Make This Song Cry is the standout. Birthday is a bit boring and Either Way is okay but I stay away from Chris Brown.

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  16. I cant wait
  17. londonrain

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    Make This Song Cry is definitely the best of the singles so far.

    Not A Little Bit was excellent but I didn't get into More Issues Than Vogue quite as much as I did her previous two albums.
  18. This Pitchfork writer is stanning! I'm already obsessed with Make This Song Cry and Kim K - I'm sure the remainder of the album will grow on me.
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  19. I haven’t made it home to listen to this in full yet, but this has been stuck in my head all night and morning.

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