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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. How come Mamamoo isn't featured under the girl groups section? Aren't they currently one of the biggest?
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  2. Dddd I genuinely forgot them, but I guess no one was in a rush to alert me for... reasons.
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  3. I admit, I've only gotten into K-pop this year. I just noticed because they've become one of my favorites along with BlackPink, Red Velvet, Girls' Generation, 4minute, and NCT. No big deal. It's a great list that you've compiled though!
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  4. Hi! Can we replace link for Ladies' Code thread in first post with this link?
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  6. I just came to say thank you so much to those who pulled this guide together. I only ever really knew BoA and Wonder Girls but with COVID lockdown I’ve made a conscious effort to try and listen to K-pop more and the thread has made it so easy to navigate a big (sometimes crazy) topic!
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  7. This thread is amazing - as a total newbie, I can't stress enough how useful a jumping-in point like this is (basically what @Yeahyeahyeah said above!)

    Could I ask are there any mixed K-Pop groups (either active or inactive) a la Steps/A*Teens etc that I could dive into the back catalogues of?
  8. Sunny Hill used to be mixed in their early years.

    They stayed a girl group, with many line-up changes, afterwards.

    For a more recent group, there's also KARD. Their style is more akin to Western pop overall.

    Their singles tend to blend together, like you'll notice the recurrent latin feel, but I do recommend diving into their album tracks too.
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  10. Co-Ed groups, which is how mixed groups are referred as, aren't that common so only a few came to mind. However, it looks like there have been many over the decades. If you need more, this video might be helpful.

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