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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. OH MY GOD. SIWON???

    I find him gross but GET THAT DICK KWEEN!!! Iconic, etc.
  2. LOL NOT SIWON. No one that iconic.
  3. KII. I apologize. I will reflect and come back with a more mature image.

    The magic words here are "Men's Health Cover." Hmm'T, let me put my glasses on for this.
  4. Men's Health Cover.

    Girl, that's like 87 male idols.
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  5. *giggles internationally*
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  6. I didn't understand 3/4 of that but the fact that he's on a magazine cover and you didn't recognize him means he probably isn't from a well known group. Maybe middle tier. At least you get to say you bagged an idol.
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  7. I'm gonna go ahead and just assume that it's Dongjun and giggle to myself.
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  8. I did a quick Facebook search and I was shocked. Even lower-tier groups became covers of that damn magazine. Kii. For example, the underrated boy group Boys Republic.


    I therefore conclude that it is next to impossible to figure who the hell the good unnie @Mikl C banged. Hehe.
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  9. And I'd like to make a disclaimer that I didn't search for a list all male idols to appear on Men's Health. Nope. Nah...

    It's not like I'm a librarian and am specifically trained to find things on the internet...
  10. Oh child, you made this easy. There's like...5...
  11. Hahah, name them! Post the covers too bae.
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  12. [​IMG]
    Brian from Fly to the Sky

    Son Ho Young from g.o.d.

    It can't be Oh Jong Hyuk, unless you helped him cheat on Soyeon, which would make you the devil.
  13. Well this was fun!
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  15. Is the mystery solved?

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  16. Miki C is my idol.
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  17. You'd all be trashing him like the true knetizens you are for getting into a sex scandal!
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  18. Oppa didn't mean it!
  19. @Mikl C can't help that he's the true Foxxxy Gurrrl.
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