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Secret are joining the girl group brawl with their first full-length album on October 18th!


The JYJ Berlin tickets are supposed to go on sale in 30 minutes.... And the site is already down. I was sure it's gonna be a bigger hit than the Barcelona show, but... Hey, I thought I could get at least one ticket if I'm on time?

Edit: I think they'll need a new servers real soon.
SloMover said:
Juyeon makes a lot more sense in Orange Caramel
But I guess they needed someone who could sing.

I know that you RIKE me~

imnotshy said:
And Kim Hyun Joong (King of Asia, singer, actor, style icon, humanitarian, etc.) has released a teaser for Lucky Guy. Even with all that eye makeup he still looks amazing. I hope the MV, mini and title song are amazing.

Ji Hoo sunbae is still flawless. Jang Woo Who?

Those Secret pictures are awesome, glad the retro concept hasn't come back again. Although Starlight Moonlight and Shy Boy are 1st class tunes.
You know Secret are just gonna troll you all and release another retro concept, right? haha

Anyways, I *NEED* new SNSD in my life!
They're gonna sing their own stuff... I don't really like JYJ songs either, but I'm sure the concert's gonna be better compared to listening to them with earphones.

Also I'm soo ready for some new Jay Park material.
He / Him
big bang said:
ARGH! GD&TOP's Japanese Oh Yeah has been cancelled...just because of the weed thing.

What! Oh for God-sake, what a load of old shit!!! No more Bom in Japan, waaah!

They can quite happily come and release here, we don't care about such dumb ass things!
Sunny and Hyoyeon look so good! Everyone does but they are standing out somehow for me, haha. I wasn't sure about Sunny's hair at first but I actually really like it now. I hope we get the album or full song soon!