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I need that damn song in my life and now I have to wait another 9ish days?! (I don't feel like counting, it hurts my head at the moment.)

Queenri's acting and the song better be on par with the second coming, otherwise I will throw a fit like a 4-year-old.
I think it's just easier for Loen, who's the bigger of the two companies, to manage Ga-in's solo career. She is the arguably the most popular member (Narsha's not far behind.) Loen and Nega Network seem rather close, considering the collaborations between members of Sunny Hill and B.E.G.

Something tells me that Nega Network is still probably getting a cut of her solo paychecks.


Roly Poly is the biggest-selling K-pop song this year right? Then they got an Oricon #1 and another Japanese hit. T-ara sure did get a lot of money this year.


Hwayoung almost slipped in that performance and danced like crazy nuts. E-Young and Hwayoung are slaying your faves this December.
I think what Miryo has is a wig, because she always goes back to it between promotions (see SIGN - Jap ver.) They could be doing that to hide her REAL new hairstyle because the solo promotions should begin soon!

Narsha's dark hair is so pretty.
He / Him

Happy K-pop Christmas, may angel Nana bring you all your Christmas wishes!
Merry Christmas everyone from the 9 Soshi Angels. They're genie for you (boy) so tell them your wish aha.

If you're waiting for Santa to hurry down your chimney, sing with SNSD. *You can find 16 other Xmas related SNSD performances in their thread.*

Have a great day everyone!
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This was the K-Pop thread a year ago where we, like now, wished everyone a Merry Christmas. We are all still so lovely, haha.

I was at the height of my Taeyang stanning then.

imnotshy said:
Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! And if you don't like my family just enjoy your day off, haha! Best thread in the history of Popjustice. I hope it stays this way forever!