K-Pop (General Discussion)

Well I like the sound of Time Control, though I guess teasers can be deceiving haha. I love the way they're being introduced, making it a bit of an event.




SNSD is debuting in Europe this January too. Secret's expanding to China next year. Get them money girls.
Ni hao Lu Han!
As Shakira once said: "For you, I'd give up all I own and move to a communist country"

That cheap Taemin/Jaejoong mutant can piss off.

As for Pominit, don't fucking disappoint me girls!
I was expecting Lu Han to have his own teaser not have to share with Kai but it's all very exciting. I need a Park Chan Yeol teaser though. If he is not in an EXO group I will be very disappointed!
I have new 4minute, and Miryo in January. I better be expecting the rest of BEG and Miss A in the first quarter of the year, and then a full BEG comeback at the end of the year.
The first quarter of the year will be under the rule of T-ara and Lovey Dovey.

Queenri and her court > your favorites.


hitori said:
Wow. You're so lucky. I've never been to Korea ever! I have an uncle who's working there though so maybe I could crash in and discover that he's gay and has a Korean boyfriend.

imnotshy said:
And I wish I could go to Korea as often as xoxo does! I would love to go and just buy all the CDs I could, go to music shows and eat lots of good Korean food.

You guys should go if you get the chance! I love Korea so much I wish I could move there. The last few times I went, I was actually more excited for the food and the shopping (Korean skin care and cosmetics and clothes!) than K-Pop.
That was amazing. He can kick ass but with grace of a ballerina. I bet he went to that famous military dance academy. God, I can't wait for EXO-M.