K-Pop (General Discussion)

Infinite just shut the game down, as I predicted. I swear they were moving perfectly in sync haha.

In regards to MBLAQ, oh dear @ Seungho's haircut.


Most of the trending topics in Twitter now are K-Pop related (i.e. Infinite, MBLAQ, After School, SM Family, Pledis Boys, Kim Hyun Joong). These year-end shows are watched by so many international fans.
I feel offended by all those regular performances. Infinite was awesome, as always. Seungho's haircut is shockingly bad.

Stage is so basic, it's embarrassing. As that "idols audience" which is always half empty. Poor effort SBS.
Yeah it's been pretty boring so far. Only good parts were Girls (Run The World) and some parts of the SM thing. (TIFFANY ON THE FRUTE).
I was all "IU is still not for me", but then came Trollseob. They should've fake kissed a la Trouble Maker.
So far I liked all the boy bands I like anyway... Plus the SM stage. Changmin's part was the peak for me.
There were some good parts, but all those regular performances spoiled it.

Tasha reduced all those male rappers to back up dancers. It was greta to watch.

Wonder Girls sounded horribly during that stage with CNBlue.


These remixes are HORRIBLE. Talk about ruining good songs, first To Me then So Cool and now this.

Thank fuck Step escaped some stripped back version, kill it KARA!
Laughing so hard. Big Bang worked with Boys Noize... (Can't wait for March, hope they're really gonna release that stuff.) And then Beast/Tiger/whoever comes and puts some beats from Oi Oi Oi in their intro. I need to re-listen to be 100% sure, now I'm only 99,5% sure it was Boys Noize.

No, why would anyone remix Step...


sikker said:
No, why would anyone remix Step...

They sounded awful though, well the one that was actually singing..

Here's 2NE1 to save the day. This song never gets old, or maybe they perform so well it feels like that.
It also helps that 2NE1 doesn't look as tired as most of the other performers.
Also their intro was a bit better than the rest.

Edit: I mixed it up... It was Justice - Waters of Nazareth in the Beast intro, plus some other Ed Banger stuff, nothing from Boys Noize... It would've been funny, though.
Oh lord. Please let me replace 2PM's current stylists. It's like they were dressed nicely and then crashed into 2NE1 on the way to the stage.
Apparently Dongwoo from Infinite got injured/burnt from lightning. Well, fuck you SBS and your show of basicness.

Oh my Yunho is new Beyonce....


Some of my insights.

- Why the hell are Rainbow wearing wedding dresses? It's freakin' To Me. I would have understood if they were performing Sweet Dreams. The remix they performed was awful.

- I feel bad for Dasom for wearing those skimpy outfits. How old is she? 17? 18?

- G.Na was the equivalent of Qri in the Run The World dance number. She was just so useless and I didn't notice her until the end.

- Fei is a dancing monster. So is Hyorin of Sistar. Give them solo albums next year. Damn!

- Poor A-Pink, getting only one minute to perform their title song.

- I like the A-Pink and Boyfriend joint dance stage!

- Ooh. Another remix of Mirror Mirror that we'll never ever own.

- Gosh these idols looks so damn tired! They should definitely follow YG's management plans. Look at 2NE1. Looking healthy yet still winning the #1s.


No, they're simply better performers. I'm really not trying to be bitchy but they are always energetic on stage while most other girl groups stick to the formation/choreography. 2NE1's is always all over the place (in a good way).