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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 3Xs, you slay me.

    Literally. I almost choked on my tea.
  2. Dek


  3. 3Xs



  4. I've learned not to fuck with 3xs as far as KARA is concerned. You'll never win, really. haha
  5. I think all of us have some group or singer that we're like that with.
  6. Thoughts:

    - 'Speed Up' sounds and looks amazing, their best since 'Jumping', despite that horrible auto-tune.
    - The two not called Gyuri, Nicole, or Hara remain irrelevant and nonexistent.
    - The ones called Gyuri, Nicole, and Hara remain gorgeous, sexy, alien Asian women.
    - 'Girl Power' sounds exactly like their other fucking horrible Japanese singles. Blergh.
  7. 3Xs


    You know me too well! hahaha. The quicker everyone learns that, the better <3

    Gonna Gonna Go! could work as the b-side to Speed Up I guess. The middle 8 is REAL nice - the rest isn't doing much for me I'm afraid. Maybe it's a grower...?
  8. Oh Rainbow. How I used to stan for you and your two amazing singles.
  9. Such a non event. It sounds like a KARA left over.
  10. Just discovered Infinite On Air! So far, 60 minutes of subbed Infinite behind the scenes flawlessness!

    The adorable hidden camera for Dongwoo's birthday when he burst into tears: http://youtu.be/DXtQh-dq5_A?t=2m45s
  11. 3Xs


    Poor Rainbow. Hopefully their Korean comeback is better than this. Kind of a let-down especially considering it's their first original Japanese single!
  12. Hoi Hoi had more life than this flat snorefest.
  13. I'm torn. Visually "Speed Up" is perfection. Red Seungyeon is FIRE, but "Girls Power" is another classic J-Pop anthem from my girls and I'm here for that. They really own that J-Pop sound. They're better at it than Japanese girl groups.
  14. The auto-tune pisses me off in Speed Up, oddly I much prefer Girls Power. They are perfect at J-pop, they should certainly stick to it.
  15. 3Xs


    Absolutely agreed about Girls Power - jamming to it already! They're really finding their niche now and I love it. In Korea they have SweetTune jems like STEP and Mister and in Japan top-notch J-Pop anthems ala Go Go Summer and Jet Coaster Love. Girls Power fits in very well with their JP discography.

    Both a-sides are blazing though. Defintiely one of their strongest releases to date! Coming out the same week as some Johnny's single however, too bad it will have to settle for #2 on the Oricon.
  16. The "GONNA GONNA GO!" video is out. They look amazing as OL.

    I guess I'll be alone in loving the track and thinking it's better than all of KARA's original Japanese stuff
  17. 3Xs


    Drew kindly see your way OUT of this thread!!!
  18. What a bizarre video. It's like three different videos for three different songs edited together...
  19. 3Xs


    DSP spent all the money on KARA's new videos, clearly.
  20. Nope, you're not the only one. I think it sounds great (and way better than Speed Up.) Too bad the video sucks.
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