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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 3Xs


  2. Nice, hope it'll climb up a bit further.

    I agree.
    The sound of their vocals are also better than lots of the other acts. I guess they do what everyone else should be doing -- recording the Korean and the Japanese versions at the same time.
  3. I just can't with this mini-album.

    Wings is the best solo song for any of them. That chorus just shreds everything in its path.
  4. Dek


    It's 27 on US iTunes now .
  5. Wow, amazing how a translation can make me love a song. STEP was just ok for me in korean but i love it in japanese.

    It's official. Like I said before, KARA just sound and works better as a japanese singing group. The last good korean song they put out was Lupin.
  6. Dek


    Love Dust, Ain't no fun and Fantastic Baby, Wings are the stand out and the best of the mini and the best by miles is Daesung Solo !
    I'm already addicted to the song !

    Bad Boy is the worst
  7. Bad Boy is very much old BIGBANG. I quite like it, but it's not one of my favorites. That's reserved for Blue, Fantastic Baby, and Love Dust.
  8. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    GONNA GONNA GO may have ruined my life... for good. No ten seconds go by without it haunting me. It's been like this all day, while working, on the toilet (where I find humor in its oddly fitting lyrics), taking a nap, etc.
  9. WINGS has me on the verge of tears, it's SO uplifting.
  10. "ALIVE" is really flawless mini. I was never a full VIP, more of casual fan, but damn they delivered big time! "LOVE DUST" is only song that is great not amazing for me. Worst thing is...I find Taeyang incredibly hot. I feel ashamed
  11. 3Xs


    ^Agreed. Album of the year next to SPICA. No bad songs. They totally knocked it out.

    I also need a Daesung mini ASAP. WINGS >>>>>>>>
  12. ALIVE is just perfect. Last time I felt this for anything BIG BANG related was in 2008 with the release of Remember. So happy.
    WINGS is my favorite at the moment, but there isn't a bad song.
  13. Speed Up is good. Not amazing. The autotune kind of cheapens it and sounds awkward. I think they sound a bit too soft and weak during the chorus. Yes, yes I know they're KARA the 'Sweet Melody' but it could do with a bit more grit. The PV is their best ever. I was looking forward to Girls Power before I saw the teasers. I don't have anything against Kawaii Kara, it's just Nicole's deafening, shrill shrieking seems to be back. I love the girl but her voice can just be so shrill and hard to listen to at times.

    The Rainbow song confuses me and frustrates me. It had the potential to be great but the end result was just too messy and I have no desire to listen to it again. No Eul, Jaekyung and Woori continue to look flawless in the PV however.

    Bad Boy is excellent! Yay. Only thing that annoys me is G-Dragon's voice which just sounds so unattractive on it. It would've been flawless as a Taeyang solo song because his voice is beautiful on it. I shall listen to the rest of the mini later.

    T-ara look dead in the Japanese Lies video. It's a mess, and the vocals sound like they were recorded with a mobile phone. Poor girls, they need some rest big time.

    So much happening today and not enough time!
  14. Haha! It's definitely one of the catchiest hooks in K-Pop I know. I hope I never tire of it.
  15. Woop, ALIVE is top ten on US iTunes! *Pops to Bad Boy*~
  16. 3Xs


    Amazing! I wonder if it's eligible for the Billboard 200??
  17. Dek


    KARA - STEP (JP Version) is out!

    I love it! I don't know which one I preffer! This one or the Korean one .
    DSP has the best people working on the jp lyrics of their KR songs of course !
  18. I'm quite suprised at Gonna Gonna Go!

    1) It sounds much better than I first thought
    2) It's catchy as HELL!
    3) A serious boost of No Eul this time around, however, I don't think Yoonhye even got a line..
  19. I think Yoonhye has a short line in the second verse, but she doesn't have a close-up in the video so it's hard to tell.
  20. This is just what my faves DO. LEGENDS.

    Are albums in another language counted? I thought they were always chucked on the 'Billboard World Chart'.
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