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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 3Xs


    Early 2000's R&B latin-pop brilliance by some new (?) girl I've never heard of


    The sexy that K-Pop has sorely been in short supply of for a while now.
  2. Jedward and 2NE1 should collab.


  3. All of this EXO, BTOB, boyband talk makes my head hurt and I hate it.
  4. HOT! Great find.
  5. Dek


    KPOP Comeback

    soribada(소리바다) ‏ @soribada

    in summary, mid of April : U-Kiss, 4minute, F.cuz / end of April : Apink, Nell / May : Infinite, Son Dam Bi, Leessang :)
  6. Oh my God, the Jedward tweets! Amazing.
  7. I even read the tweets in John and Edward's voices, haha. And Stupid Boy is quite good! Is she new or just not known because I've never heard of her either. And I keep watching the MAMA teaser from EXO's showcase. I hope the MV has scenes from the teaser!

    Son Dambi! Her comeback is long overdo along with Hyori's. I hope she releases something great.
  8. 3Xs


    Thanks! Her single / mini-album (whatever the hell it's called in Korea) "I'm Poison" has 2 other dancey tracks which fall nicely into the same trashy-pop category.

    Headache = bangerrrrrr
  9. I believe they call it "single album" now.

    She stole Nicole Scherzinger's clothes from "Right There"! I like her already. Great track, production reminds me of Spanish singer Natalia, she had bunch of those latin pop singles in mid 00s.
  10. F.cuz!

    I hope they can pull off something. Their first Japanese single was pretty decent and I still love Midnight Sun.

    The this is apparently CCM's new 7-member girl group (with Hyomin and Eunjung working as photo crew members...)
  11. I hope Hyomin and Eunjung will purposely fuck up their debut. There, I said it!
  12. They all look.. older than usual idols. I like the look of the girl on the far right though!

    I suppose we will have to wait until they officially debut to see them!

    I've noticed however.. that CCM trainee "Song Ah-Reum" isn't present. A possible new T-ara member perhaps?
  13. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

  14. Why does CCM have the T-ARA girls do things like work as crew members, editing videos, being photographers. My goodness, give them a break. Even if it's obviously for show, let them sleep in.

    And great SM News: SM Entertainment to kick off their 2012 world tour in May!

    If EXO are there so am I. To see D.O and hear his voice in person would be amazing. And I would love to see SHINee as well and SNSD since I've never seen either live. Surprised they still have not gone to Canada though. They hold auditions there but no concerts.
  15. The dilemma...to waste the money getting to California to see SHINee and SNSD in person...
  16. [​IMG]


    Tracklist looks interesting at least:

    01. Get On The Floor
    02. Volume Up
    03. I'm OK
    04. Say My Name
    05. Femme Fatale
    06. Dream Racer
    07. Black Cat
  17. Oh my god, I literally was like "Who is this? Is it KARA?" for like 30 seconds. Certainly not fierce 4minute but they look lovely. I hope the music and MV are great.
  18. Jihyun, Gayoon, and Jiyoon look amazing. The irrelevant maknae is a mess and Hyuna looks like a girl that escape a psychiatric facility.
  19. This better not signal aegyo 4Minute....
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