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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I didn't even clock that it was ALi till I decided to listen to the ost songs individually, earlier. I had no idea her voice was so versatile.

    ETA: Sunmi - The Brave Bros/Maboos intro was unnecessary. Celena's interjections is unnecessary but a different and better rap or rapper would've made the song better. Song is ok, standard BB fare. I was a little annoyed when I first heard it, thinking it proved Sunmi couldn't sing but other tracks on the mini saved her for me. She's better than 24hrs/Full Moon suggest.

    I say this all the bloody time. I am desperately in need for a FUN girl group or female soloist song - something like Push Push, Pit-a-Pat etc.. Everything feels so soulless lol or maybe it's me.
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  2. Who Am I should've been Sunmi's title track since it's a much better song and it sounds like it fits better with the vampire theme of the video (I do like the video a lot).
  3. 3Xs


    I agree. It makes his smoldering stare even more seductive



    (Yes, G-Loki ship is already a thing (in my mind))
  4. 3Xs


    Did someone say FUN??




  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    K-Much is top-tier when it comes to boy group looks.
  6. Have you heard of TREN-D? They're technically a group from last year, but the song is a lot of fun.


    Blady's Blood Type B Girl is also pretty good.
  7. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Where is Two X when we need them so badly?

  8. Look who poped up.


    Song's not bad.
  9. The song is nice, but that one rapper is trying to channel TOP in the Bad Boy music video and it's not working out for him.
  10. I like it. That rapper has always had a deep voice if I recall correctly.

    Can Mamamoo debut already?!

  11. Zico's brother, Tae-something indeed has natural deep voice. Not sure about the other one.
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  12. Taewoon is the one with the solid blond hair. It's that other guy with like the sides of his head buzzed and the blond on top, that also has a really deep voice. But, I was talking about his hand movements and how he interacts with camera.
  13. A Kwanghaeng-less SPEED still makes me sad but I really like the song and the MV is nice and effective. And I would hate to have the burning picture that close to my face.
  14. Oh yeah the other rapper was too into it, it was a bit funny.
  15. 3Xs


    PJY's single has just been released, surprised no one's posted the title track yet!


    Hope she shot a video because the performances have been a lot of fun.
  16. I wanted to post it, but I figured it would be better to wait for the MV. It's quite the kooky track and a stark difference to Inner Space. Is she releasing an album or a mini? Judging by the singles, it's shaping up to be incredible.
  17. Full Moon is on repeat...same story as Gone Not Around....not even sure why cause I hate BB's basic production.
  18. OMG see I know these songs but i've been ignoring them.. I might make the leap and download them while something better comes along.

    Also RE: Yong Pop I'm waiting for their next title track. Please let it be something Bing Bing-esque.
  19. To my knowledge she's only releasing a 'single album' with Beep and Inner Space as the two tracks.

    I like the song, I like the production a lot. Inner Space is much better though. I would almost prefer Inner Space be promoted on music shows but she is showing different charms with the fun performances, so I don't mind.
  20. I like PJY's success because I like her as a person. But I admit her mystic singles continue to do less for me musically than her releases prior to that signing.
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