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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 3Xs


    Get into one of the summer anthems of 2013!

  2. I'm in love with the song on first listen! Huge miss for me!! And like you can see in my last post, Video Game didn't do it for me at first but everything clicked when chorus came and I'm really loving it now. Long Live Boys Republic.
  3. Extremely NSFW! Lots of blood and killing going on.

  4. 3Xs


    Yessssss get into BOPS Republic! I was surprised you hadn't heard of them haha.
  5. It was during my KPJ hiatus and I was only really checking for established acts/my faves but BOPS Republic has a new stan!

    And oh my word, D is for Danger! Yery Band! The song is not as amazing as I thought, I assumed the part we got in the teaser was the chorus. But still a good song and great MV. Reminds me of Kill Bill with all the blood and fighting men in suits. The boyfriend in the MV is cute and it's cool she was saving him.
  6. 3Xs


    Hm, I actually don't like Very Band's MV. The violence is just gratuitous imo and looks cheap on top of that. I don't even like the song as much as I thought I would.

    More heavy metal K-Pop wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing though.
  7. Hitori

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    Loki is making me moist. Help.
  8. LIVING for Boys Republic's "Vidoe Game". And it's only firts of three title tracks from "Fantasy Trilogy".

    Yery Band, I'm not too concerned with Kill Bill-esque MV but unfortunately song is not great, some betetr melody and riffs would improve it greatly.
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  9. Hitori

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    Queen Key is here with his sub-unit.

    And slaying the TV ratings as Dasom is the main girl of Korea's #1 drama right now!
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  10. The Very Band video is such a Meiko Kaji/Reiko Ike throwback. May end up re-watching Lady Snowblood tonight... The song could have been a bit heavier but I appreciate them doing something different.
  11. Oh I really like Key x WooHyun teaser, even though I don't like neither of them.
  12. Woohyun/ Key's teaser sounds really good and I like the lights. And I love both myself! Woohyun's been amazing ever since The Chaser. And Key's has always been fantastic for me.
  13. BTS - Boy In Luv (Dance Version) MV

  14. The Yery Band song is not bad, but it feels a bit generic. She has an interesting voice, so I think they could have done something a bit more interesting. They look cool though, especially the guitarist with the blond hair and hidden face. I didn't really mind the violence in the MV. There's a purpose to it on the narrative, unlike say the torture porn genre of movies.
  15. 3Xs


    For some reason when I read the initial report I thought it was 2PM's Wooyoung, but clearly it's INFINITE's Woohyun, which makes sense as Woolliim is affiliated with SM now. Sort of disappointed it isn't Wooyoung actually, that's the sort of inter-label collaborations we need more of.

    Anyway, clearly continuing SM's fine tradition of awful sub-units no one asked for. Maybe the twist is they're coming out as a couple. That certainly would be something.
  16. 3Xs


    Thanks for this btw. This routine is pretty awesome. I wasn't overly fussed with their dancing before but they've improved a lot since debut.

    Dance practice was posted earlier this week as well:

  17. 3Xs



    Yes, Wookey and BESTie give me what i've been craving.

    eta: added link. Also, I don't think the BESTie song sounds promising but we'll see.
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  19. 3Xs


    Heh, Thank U Very Much SISTAR

    Sounds pretty decent though.
  20. Oh my god! That avatar 3Xs! Bom is fucking scary as hell!


    I've yet to hear a bad single from them!
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