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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. 3Xs


    Singles aren't the same as albums, something most everyone 2NE1 fan or not has said that 2NE1 should have put out a long time ago. This album is way overdue and I'm not sure why you're acting surprised or "turned off" that people are happy and excited for the first full-length release from the group since freaking 2010? Like if SNSD didn't put out an album since 2010 I'd damn sure bet Danger and you and the SONE's would be flipping their shit as well. Today is a happy day for many.

    And I perfectly agree with you - feel how you want, I was just explaining to you why many people feel the way they do. But I mean, "Fuck logic?". Have the attitude if you must.
  2. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    The only thing that could defeat the reign of the Korean Adele is the power of the Holy Trinity Caramel!
  3. Wishful thinking me thinks Hitori!
  4. Hitori have a seat with Orange Karamel. What matters now is that 2NE1 and SNSD dethrone SLAYOU and that's an uphill battle.
  5. If SNSD didn't release an album since 2010 - just singles and minis - I really would not be bothered. That's just me, I take what I can get - e.g. I loved I Love You and their other singles so really I would be happy with new music. I'm not a SONE but alright, i'll take it, I obviously have a soft spot for them. My reaction is not about this forum, I frequent other places too and even my personal twitter erupted, it's really just a culmination of little things and fatigue lol hence the "fuck logic" part of my reply.

    To be fair, I know that in the past I got into it about 2ne1 because the noise is louder about them and easier to respond to. If there were opportunity i'd get into it about other things that irk me lol. This forum just isn't the place for it, for whatever reason.
  6. I feel the need to express how wonderful Crush is again, it was a long damn ass wait and I knew they wouldn't disappoint but this is just perfect. Can't wait to see performances/MVs.
  7. 3Xs


    I actually agree with you re: not really caring about singles or albums - I'm happy as long as I get new music. Having said that, the build-up to this release has just been immense - especially given their status as one of the top groups - and I'm not sure any fan would be capable of not getting excited and caught up in the hype. An album is always more special than just a single, especially when it's been such a long time.

    I'm glad to hear everyone's opinions though, and obviously some people here don't love the new album and others do. I do think fans, however, should be allowed their moments of joy, and I certainly think it's a perfectly legitimate and genuine reaction to have.

    Anyway, 1PS all look really pretty. I'm not sure how you're supposed to pronounce the name though? Is it just 1-P-S?
  8. I've been on vacation with bad wifi and am back now. I just had to say how sad I am with SNSD's Mr. Mr. It starts off sounding so Girls Aloud Something New-y then just goes bland. And the mini... I hope the MV is great though. Hopefully it comes soon!

    And I'm not a big 2NE1 fan but am happy the fans are loving it. If I Were You is the only track I really like. I was loving Come Back Home until it got to the second chorus or whatever you'd call it.

    And I like the new DBSK MV but not feeling the song. BTOB, Lee Minwoo and B.A.P are the only artists who really delivered 100% (single plus mini/album wise) for me this February.

    ~The new single 'Not Giving Up' out April 6th. Preorder the single on iTunes~
  9. A few questions: 1- What's the actual name of this Korean Adele? People just keep saying Slayou. 2- What do y'all make of SM acquiring indie label Baljunso?

    and most important:

    3- How long until we can expect an f(x) comeback, as I'm sure SM doesn't overlap their output with SNSD's?

    In current music, some of the tracks on Crush are definite jams and I'm excited for Orange Caramel. Not mentioning MR MR MV cause it'll happen when it happens.
  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Comebacks I'm waiting for: K-Much, f(x), Sistar, Shinhwa, Sistar Dasom-Slayou unit debut, AFTER SCHOOL, and 4Minute. I would love another Supernova comeback but they don't seem to give a funk about Korea anymore.
  11. 3Xs


    I know there's irony there somewhere.

    SM is slowly buying up real estate which in the case of Baljunso is actually exciting because it might give some lesser-known artists a chance at the spotlight but in the case of Woollim is definitely not good for K-Pop and is something we should all be concerned about. The big 3 are already powerful enough they don't need to become conglomerates on top of that.
  12. The first half is Mr. Mr. is my least favorite part, and the chorus is lacking but then that breakdown comes in 1...2..3.. amazing!!

    I need some BoA & 4Minite in my life, we probably won't get f(x) until the summer.
  13. 3Xs


    Meanwhile on US iTunes


    Both GG and 2NE1 hit the US top 10 this week. I wonder how their labels will [sub]not[/sub] capitalize on this~
  14. 3Xs said it, I preach it: Good To GOD.

    After letting it sink in, my favorites are definitely Come Back Home (the beat is so fucking hot, Dara's Come baby baby bits are filthy and I just wanna grind at a seedy club), Good To God, Baby I Miss You, and Crush. Great album!

    Also, I saw your #SLAYOU gif on ATRL, 3Xs. Iconic.
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  15. Finally listening to the full album

    CRUSH/COMEBACKHOME/GOTTABEYOU: Same thoughts as yesterday.
    If I Were You: Not really my type of song but it's nice.
    Good to You: Same as the previous, but I like this one more.
    MTBD: I knew as soon as it was a CL solo it was going to be so hot. Love It!
    HAPPY: I Like It! I don't really have many other feelings to the song.
    SCREAM: Not much to say. Take a bit of getting used to. Might just replace the Japanese Version with it.
    BABY I MISS YOU: My favourite of the three slower songs for sure.
    COME BACK HOME (Unplugged): Eh. Unplugged Versions don't really give me anything. Especially when the original is so flawless.

    Overall: As someone who loves the badass 2NE1, the first 3 tracks + SCREAM and BTBD are perfect, and these are the tracks I love. The other songs? Eh. I like them, but I probably won't listen to any of them much more other than the first few times I have.
  16. SM really messed up every aspect of the SNSD release with that delayed video and then leak, didn't they? That teaser photo with Hyo in the center looks great, the hospital/nurse imagery looks great. The short viral videos suitably amusing/intriguing to stand out. I rate Mr Mr as another Hoot, not high on the echelon of SNSD tunes but a pleasant diversion.

    2NE1? Nothing on the album is as good as I Love You, but there are some great highlights. Good To You, Comeback Home, Crush, MTBD and Happy (how delightfully surprisingly is a song like Happy from 2NE1? VERY!). I don't get Gotta Be You at all, it feels like filler to me.
  17. Yess at Gotta Be You! Massive tune! Working my way through the album now but that stuck out as surely one of the year's big ones. Good To You also is really sweet.
  18. SM better have SNSD comeback again this year. This comeback just won't do.
  19. Yeah Mr Mr is solid enough but it's not a 'statement' release like IGAB, they gotta support it with a follow-up.

    Oh and the new TVXQ single is very very listenable. Good stuff!
  20. BESTie's new single on M! Countdown! Mnet really need to sort out their sound system!

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