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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. It's like TVXQ-lite. Cute.
  2. 3Xs


    New boyband called TROY looks really promising. Bumkey is one of the members:

  3. 3Xs


    And then there's this:


    I like the way they're doing these teasers, letting each member tell their story. Interesting seeing a new idol group with older members who have some life experiences.
  4. I'm basically already stanning TROY. I've been keeping an eye on the teasers also and love them. It is nice to get older (in K-pop terms) people with life experience sharing their story. And Changwoo and Jaewoong are both lookers and have interesting stories. I'm glad they will get to debut.

    And mini DBSK is good with me but I was hoping we would get a 1980's/early 90's pop vibe from Toheart like the previous two teaser's music sounded like.
  5. It has been YEARS waiting for TROY to debut, praying this time it'll happen. Can't wait any longer for my papi Jaewoong to debut. Also Kanto (quite fameous underground rapper) is one of the members.
  6. 3Xs


    ^Kanto is a serious cutie! Already my bias tbh


    I didn't realize they'd been waiting to debut for so long; hopefully it happens. All four are immensely talented.
  7. I'm really excited about this! what a great concept for TROY. It would be nice if there was a reality show to go along with this. The teasers really drag you in, wanting to know more about each member.
  8. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    That MOA girl group is a mess, and they're even a bigger mess live.
  9. Not T-ARA releasing a shitty Japanese single!


    This is actually really good for once. It feels like it should be the opening theme to something.
  10. What are they even saying? What does La'Boon mean?
  11. For years I've wanted a girl group to do a good Egyptian concept! T-ara' sis the closest thing we've had so far!
  12. SNSD coming back live but leaving off the best track on the album, Europa, in favor of performing two other lame ones + the single.
  13. She's baaaack

  14. She should sign with In Young's label!
  15. Yessss, can't wait.

    I don't have proper internet access so i'll dump my feelings on everything here:

    Toheart is going to be such campy fun, can't wait.

    TYVM - Bestie. The worst part is the "Thank You Very Much" line I don't like the way it's sung and it's so clunky. The song could've been so good. We're obviously getting an album soon, right?

    1PS. "fresh" "pure" concept, it's nice. They're promising, the ballet girl especially caught my eye.

    Sucks about Eunjung leaving Jewelry. I wanted the non-Yewon members to have their ~moment. Evidently Star Empire is incompetent.

    Happy was a cute MV, I clearly remember photos of the girls filming the MV being posted on here. SMH YG. No opinion on CBH.

    'Back Hug' and 'Wait A Minute' but not 'Goodbye' or Europa'?????? lol this promotional cycle needs to be shortened. What a MESS. There were rumours of the girls having Healing Camp on their schedule, I haven't watched an episode apparently it's an emotionally intense~ talk show?

    I would love for AS and Kahi to have a collab. stage but would Ms. Park go for it?

    Excited for 4min and OC tbh. Also, EXID if we get a date. Rainbow are coming back in April apparently but nobody (except those of us still supporting them lol) is expecting much.

    tyfyt sorry the long post lol.
  16. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Good lord that older boyband. Count me as one of their stans too guys!
  17. Yes, it's odd combination of self-critic and therapy. Celebs go on that show after they have some big scandal and "confess". It's super cringe-worthy and scripted. Often celebs go on just talk about their hardships to get some public behind them. It also supposed to be ~inspirational~.

    Neon Bunny teaser sounds very good.
  18. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Kahi would be LUCKY to have a solo stage on Saturday. She doesn't even have a hit. Surely it's Kahi and After School together? I'm okay with separate performances or a special stage.
  19. I want either a Flashback or First Love performance with Kahi or an AH stage with all the members!
  20. They actually performed Back Hug? Ergh!
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