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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by hakkangin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I finished You Who Came From the stars earlier this week. I've been rotating between Empress Gi/Ki and I Need Romance 3.

    I also have the urge to watch Coffee House, again...
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    I didn't like You Who Came From The Stars but I'll try the others, thanks.
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  4. 3Xs



    Their reputation precedes them *giggles*
  5. Chinese kpop? What even.
  6. Only two of these dumbasses are actual Gaga fans, the others are known Twitter trolls.

    They can seethe as CP becomes American Pop Icons while they're sitting alone on their computers.

    (The irony of an Exo stan retweeting these, though.)
  7. OMG. I came downstairs to find the final thing to end my own Computer drama is here, which means: I CAN FINALLY START GOD'S GIFT. IT'S BEEN A MONTH I'VE BEEN SO DISTRAUGHT. Seriously, you can take everything away from me but my music and shows.

    I couldn't finish YWCFTS or watch the past few weeks of Golden Rainbow and Emergency Couple. As well as my American shows. At least I managed to watch Miss Korea's final episode.

    ALSO, EXID Update - Maybe April they don't know. Not March though. I'm giving up.
  8. 3Xs


    Told ya'll, haha.
  9. So hilarious seeing the meltdowns from fans who are pressed that Gaga didn't choose their faves, as though she was thinking "Hmm, which K-pop group should I choose to open for me to best represent K-pop to North Americans" as opposed to just maybe liking Crayon Pop and wanting a fun opener whether they're Korean or not.

    The A-pink teaser sounds like the theme song to a late-80s sitcom, and I mean that in a good way.
  10. It is interesting to notice that Crayon Pop's and Gaga's music are very different. It would be quite fascinating to go to a concert just to see the degree of change and the reaction of people in the audience.
  11. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    One of the guys in K-Much dyed his hair pink. COMEBACK PLEASE!
  12. 3Xs


    Another massive snoozefest from Ga-in, oh well.

    Meanwhile: Lee Michelle's increeeeedible debut MV

  13. 3Xs


    They've been working on new stuff for a little while now I'm really excited!!

    G.Low doesn't clean up so bad ♡

  14. (Massive surprise here) I actually really like Ga-in's new song, it's pretty.
  15. BoA is finally a creative director at SM!
  16. I'm not surprised at Gaga picking Crayon Pop in all honesty. It's probably down to their name CRAYON POP and Gaga's album being ARTPOP. You simply can't do art without crayons and combine that with pop music is everything which Gaga wants.
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  18. Menboong

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    Probably no one for a while. But YG needs to get a move on with Winner and Akdong Musician. Also, didn't Psy already do his MV like a month ago? And Lee Hi is also overdue, but I guess that's not happening this year.
  19. It'll either be Psy, Winner of Akdong Musician... but is it too much to want it to be YG Ladies? I want Jennie Kims Iljine Squad to grace us.

    I suppose I can wait though while 6mix hit the stage!
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